Achieving Reliability and Efficiency Throughout

The Package Journey


The Digimarc Barcode Delivers.

Product packaging promotes the product, but also has other implications for shipping, storage and speed of checkout. Packaging enhanced with Digimarc Barcode can improve operational efficiency, reliability and boost the bottom line at every stage in the package journey.

  • manufacturing


    • Efficiencies in on-line production
    • Reduced inventory shrinkage
    • Lot and manufacturing date codes
  • warehouse


    • Efficiencies in order fulfillment
    • Enhanced inventory control
    • Speed of pick & pack
  • retail-distribution-center

    Retail Distribution Center

    • Speed of order fulfillment
    • Traceability of returns & reclamations
    • Improved inventory management
  • retail-store

    Retail Store

    • Eliminate barcode swapping
    • Better checkout experience
    • In store consumer engagement
  • point-of-sale

    Point of Sale

    • Improved consumer information
    • Enhanced POS signage
    • Evaluation of On Shelf Availability
  • home-package-journey


    • Additional product availability
    • Package as brand narrator
    • Buy now / reorder