Intuitive Computing: Making Technology Easy

Intuitive Computing Platform

A complimentary white paper by Digimarc:

Technology is pervasive and entrenched everywhere. Most would agree that technologies make our lives better. Yet, many of the most incredible technical innovations force users to adapt to new ways of thinking and doing. The mark of a truly powerful technology is one that serves us quietly and invisibly, helping us do more without unnecessary interference.

Intuitive computing isn’t a new concept, but few products today truly reflect the vision of a world where technology is both powerful and inconspicuous. Read this free white paper to learn about Digimarc’s Intuitive Computing Platform (ICP) and how it aims to make technology easier to use. The document examines:

  • The benefits of a multimodal platform for discovery
  • Differences between probabilistic and deterministic methods of identification
  • Real-world examples of mobile engagement powered by ICP
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