New Survey: Mislabeling Inaccuracies Continue to Cost Manufacturers


Eighty percent of manufacturers mislabel products annually, according to a new survey by Packaging World magazine of more than 200 manufacturers. And more than a quarter of respondents indicated that mislabeling problems during production occur on a weekly basis.

Despite these problems, the data revealed that the vast majority of manufacturers still manually spot check select packages, cases or pallets for inaccurately labeled packaging—highlighting the need for a more robust, automated detection system. In addition, inspection systems continue to have challenges scanning Data Matrix codes on the labels affixed to shapes such as cylinders.

Additional key conclusions include:

  • More than half currently track costs associated with recalling products
  • Nearly a third plan to invest in automated inspection of parts matching for production
  • The majority agreed that there was a negative financial impact from mislabeling

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