White Paper: Consumers Want More & Better Product Info from Brands

Product Transparency A to Z: What every brand must know

The product transparency revolution is here. Ninety-four percent of consumers in a recent study* said it is important food brands are transparent about a product’s ingredients, contents and sourcing. The importance of clearly understanding the food we eat is evident in our daily lives, as more and more people are managing food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities while trying to maintain a normal lifestyle. This change in how people shop and eat has profound implications for the food and consumer product goods industry.

Digimarc has authored a new white paper to help brands get up-to-speed on industry and government initiatives surrounding product transparency, as well as outlining the technology options for delivering digital information to consumers. The white paper highlights:

  • How younger shoppers are motivated by new consumer drivers
  • Why transparency is a brand opportunity, and not a threat
  • What to know about the Nutrition Facts Label update, the GMO Bill and SmartLabel™
  • How to use utilize connected packaging to satisfy consumer demand by making information more instant and more accessible

*Label Insight Food Revolution Study

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