Sales & Syntax: How App Developers Will Reshape the Future of Retail

Sales and Syntax

Discussions of evolving consumer behavior typically focus on the explosion of e-commerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba and our growing affinity for online shopping. What gets lost in all the hype surrounding "Cyber Monday" and "Singles' Day" is that advances in technology are also having significant impacts on how consumers shop in the physical store.

Armed with iPhones and other smart devices, shoppers can now research products, run price comparisons and access customer reviews on just about any product or store. As brands and retailers look for ways to capitalize on these connected consumers, it’s clear that the future winners will be companies that find ways to quickly and efficiently deliver information that consumers want.

In this white paper, jointly created by Digimarc and DeveloperTech, we explore the evolution of mobile engagement technology and how it will reshape the retail experience. You’ll learn:

  • How the concept of intuitive computing can be applied to mobile customer engagement
  • Why multimodal discovery is so important in the development of retail and brand apps
  • What app developers can do to get ahead of the curve and capitalize on a new kind of shopper
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