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The Barcode of Everything

Connect with consumers and supply chain partners with more powerful connected product packaging. Imperceptible barcodes for packaging, print and audio.

Enhance Any Media
Digimarc Barcode in aisle shopper

Digimarc Barcode for Packaging

  • Invisible identifiers
  • Contains GTIN data
  • Entire package scans
  • Engage consumers
  • Interactive content
  • Product transparency

Digimarc Barcode for Print

  • Invisible identifiers
  • Activate any print
  • Interactive ads
  • Extended dialogue
  • Deliver coupons/offers

Digimarc Barcode for Audio

  • Inaudible identifiers
  • Can reference metadata
  • Zero file degradation

App Development

  • All-in-one discovery
  • Scans traditional barcodes better
  • Overcomes challenging barcodes
  • Reads QR codes
Imperceptible Digimarc Barcode

Invisible Barcodes, Visible Results

Benefits abound for companies that deploy Digimarc Barcodes and Digimarc Discover® detection software. Brands can leverage the power of Digimarc to connect with consumers for brand building, and reduce manufacturing and distribution costs.

Explore the Benefits

Brand Building

  • Leverage connected packaging
  • Broaden brand awareness
  • Lower advertising impression costs
Consumer Connection

Consumer Connection

  • Increase mobile engagement
  • Improve consumer education
  • Boost brand loyalty

Manufacturing Productivity

  • Faster manufacturing throughput
  • Improve quality control
  • Stop shrinkage

Product Supply

  • Improve on-shelf availability
  • Faster order fulfillment
  • Streamline returns/reclamations

Getting Started with Connected Packaging

Digimarc Barcode delivers revolutionary benefits over traditional UPCs without requiring significant changes to your existing design and printing workflow. No special inks. Press-ready art, printer specifications, color profiles and a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) are all you need for Digimarc or a certified enhancement partner to get started with connected packaging. Download our free guide to learn how.

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The Connected Package, Affordably Activated

Digimarc Barcode costs just $50 a year per UPC, regardless of unit volume. A one-time package enhancement fee ensures your success during production. No expensive printer hardware required.

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Understand the Content Consumers Crave

Research shows that product specifications, consumer reviews and usage instructions top the list of information shoppers most want in the store. Discover what consumers want to know right now, and be ready capitalize.

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Digimarc Barcode for Packaging

A connected package offers consumers all of the information they want, at the point where that information is most relevant — right in the aisle. Empower your customers with Digimarc Barcode for Packaging.

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Digimarc Barcode for Print

Not everything printed requires GTIN information. Print ads, end caps, free standing inserts, and more can all be Digimarc enabled, right in our Digimarc Barcode Manager.

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Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images

All of your digital image assets can be barcoded to support tracking and tracing of your products online. Fight diversion and the sale of counterfeit products and identify unauthorized use using Digimarc Barcodes for digital images.

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Digimarc Barcode for Audio

Television, radio, and in store audio can now all be barcoded with the same reliability you've come to rely on for your packaging. Connect your consumers and gather data by applying Digimarc Barcode for Audio to your audio tracks.

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Digimarc Mobile SDK

Once your packages and collateral is Digimarc enabled, it's time to empower your customers. Integrating the Digimarc Mobile SDK into your application is easy, and provides a branded solution that creates a bridge to your digital content.

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What is an invisible barcode?

Digimarc Barcode is a proprietary method for imperceptibly enhancing audio, images or physical items with additional information. Digimarc Barcode can be applied to virtually any media, nearly invisibly on product packaging and other printed materials and undetectably in audio.

What are the benefits?

Digimarc Barcodes make product packages a new interactive communications channel that can deliver interactive experiences to consumer smartphones and similar devices. And, because Digimarc Barcodes are imperceptible to people and do not obstruct the package design, the entire surface of a product package can contain hundreds of imperceptible Digimarc Barcodes. This allows retail point of sales (POS) systems to more quickly and accurately scan products for purchase, benefiting retail partners.

What is the cost?

Digimarc Barcode costs just $50 a year per UPC, regardless of unit volume. A one-time package enhancement fee of $350 per UPC ensures your success during production. No expensive printer hardware required.

How do I get started?

Ready to try Digimarc Barcode? Our online order form is fast and easy. Simply send your press-ready art and some basic information to Digimarc or a certified enhancement partner to get started with connected packaging. Best of all, you maintain your existing design and printing workflow.

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