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As the world leader in production digital watermarking, research and development, we are uniquely qualified to address complex projects focused on security, tracking, tracing, identification, authentication and linking.

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We are a well-capitalized, publicly-traded company with a long history of large-scale deployments. Our world-renowned technology is widely used in television, radio, publishing, government IDs and global currency. Our key technologies are protected by our large, high-quality patent portfolio. Over half of our professional workforce are engineers with a significant portion possessing PhDs in their respective fields.

Since 1996, we have built our reputation on researching, developing, and delivering products and capabilities for commercial and government customers.

Development Process

We employ an agile methodology that incorporates the sponsor in regular status reviews. Agile is a sprint type and iterative development process which allows for constant feedback of the progress and early identification of roadblocks allowing for the abandonment of failure paths and focus on success. As the sponsor is engaged, communication is frequent, allowing visibility into the project and status on a monthly basis.

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