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Designed for photographers, designers and digital artists who want the ability to demonstrate ownership when images are used without permission, using imperceptible identifiers within each file.

Search ServiceNone
SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Add-on
Account ManagementSelf-Service
Images Protected3000
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Designed for businesses, brand managers, e-commerce sites and image aggregators that require large-scale image protection and have a significant economic stake in stopping unlicensed use, aided by advanced web search.

Search ServicePremium, Managed Web Crawl
SoftwareBatch, Scripted, & Platform Tools
Account ManagementDedicated
Images Protectedunlimited
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Success Stories


Shaw Floors relies on Guardian to protect its images. Read the story.


Widen partners with Digimarc Guardian to help its customers with security, rights management and asset tracking of images. Read the story.

Add the Adobe Add-on

Extend the capability and value of your Adobe Photoshop software application and link directly to your Digimarc for Images account with the free Digimarc for Images plug-in at Adobe Add-ons. Ensure your images are protected when they are created.

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Protection with Persistence

Digimarc for Images allows hobbyists, professionals and businesses to add an imperceptible identifier to individual photos and other images prior to distribution. The technology is resilient, capable of continuing to communicate ownership rights even after:

  • file format changes
  • encryption and decryption
  • editing and cropping

Your information goes wherever your images do. Find your work, and ensure potential customers can find you.

Market Insight that Sells

Whether you manage major stock image libraries or shoot weddings on weekends, you need to know what potential customers want to drive more targeted campaigns and boost sales. Accounts with search service receive access to reports reflecting where your images have been found around the web, updated daily.

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Take Action Against Infringement

Digimarc for Images helps you locate unauthorized use of your images and issue related notices, empowering you to explore strategic resolutions which may include:

  • licensing the image under your terms and conditions
  • authorizing use of the image with correct attribution
  • issuing a takedown notice
  • initiating a collections process

Protect your rights. Make your enforcement more forceful.


Who should use Digimarc for Images?

Digimarc for Images is aimed at anyone concerned about ownership of their images, from professional photographers and digital artists to global brands. Subscribing at the basic level provides only the ability to embed images, and is ideal for users comfortable managing the identification and enforcement aspects of protecting their images. Subscribers at the professional level enjoy the ability to enhance a higher volume of images and benefit from search services to help identify and take action against infringement.

Does Digimarc's search service crawl everything on the internet?

The search service only crawls the public web, which means that if someone posts one of your photos on a private Facebook post, we can’t find this for you. The same is true of other social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and others that allow users to mark posts as private.

There are an estimated 1 billion sites on the public web, and we're currently crawling on the order of 100 million annually, scanning billions of individual images in the process. Sites are selected for crawling based on their age and adjacency to other known sites, and are crawled based on their link structure.

Please note, search services are only available for Digimarc for Images customers at the professional and enterprise service levels.

Are my images protected on Facebook?

Facebook compresses images once they are posted, sometimes heavily, which can damage our invisible identifiers. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: if you pre-compress your images, then apply our mark, they should survive. We have had great success compressing images to 5x7” at 300dpi (1500 x 2100 pixels), then applying the watermark. This will almost always allow your watermarks to persist once uploaded to Facebook.

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