See Why the Magazine Industry Loves Digimarc® Discover

With Digimarc Discover, driving online consumer engagement from print has never been easier. When your readers point their mobile devices at a Digimarc-enabled image, ad or article, they’ll connect instantly to interactive content that directly relates to what they’re reading.

Why Digimarc-enable Your Publications?



  • Meet readers’ expectations for “always-on” connectivity
  • Extend engagement with interactive experiences
  • Preserve visual aesthetics without compromise


  • Drive immediate purchase opportunities directly from print ads, catalogs, and brochures
  • Link directly to product information, consumer reviews, store locations, and more
  • Gain valuable metrics and insights


  • Engage with mobile web content, such as product details, behind-the-scene footage or social media sharing opportunities
  • Connect with favorite brands using a single technology

See Why the Magazine Industry Loves Digimarc Discover

Digital Watermarks in Magazines: 2013 Traction Report

The number of unique Digimarc® IDs appearing in US magazines more than tripled between 2012 and 2013. Find out about the trends, who is using our technology, which post-scan experiences enjoy the largest engagement, and more.

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Case Study: Cooking Light

“[H]ow could we increase customer engagement by tying the print magazine to our website, boost the audience for our sister site, and not alienate our long-term consumers with significant, intrusive icons? I’m happy to say that we achieved all of our goals.” — Michelle Lamison, VP of Marketing, Cooking Light.

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Cooking Light Case Study

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