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What is a Digimarc Barcode?

Digimarc Barcodes are unique identifiers that can be added to packaging, printed materials, and even audio. For retailers, Digimarc Barcode enhances your private label packaging design by modulating the color data in the pixels that compose the design. This allows us to add your traditional GTIN barcode information over the entire surface of the package with a machine readable code that is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

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What you see vs what scanner sees - Digimarc Barcode

App Development

  • Build your own shopper app / digital plan
  • All-in-one discovery, data on your shoppers
  • Deliver better scanning of traditional barcodes better and QR Codes

Digimarc Barcode for Packaging

  • Invisible identifiers across your private brands
  • Entire private brand package scans
  • Engage with shoppers through private brand packaging
  • Communicate Product transparency

Digimarc Barcode for Print

  • Activate customer circulars with digital content
  • Provides Interactive print ads
  • Deliver store specific coupons/offers

Digimarc Barcode for Audio

  • Promote passive engagement with in-store audio
  • Gain insights on shopper behavior
  • Enhance your TV or digital advertising
Customer Loyalty Retail

Build Loyalty, Drive Sales

From more private-label information, faster checkout and exclusive product offers that boost customer loyalty and increase sales, Digimarc Barcode delivers many benefits for retailers of any size.

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Consumer Connection

Improving Customer Service

  • Provide faster checkout
  • Improve private-label packaging
  • Offer omnichannel purchase options

Connecting with Consumers

  • Deploy custom digital strategy
  • Enhance advertising circulars, displays, and in-store signage
  • Enable shopper social media and review opportunities

Increasing Product Flow

  • Facilitate easier planogram compliance
  • Reduce pick 'n pack time
  • Real time restocking information (OSA)
loss prevention

Maximizing Loss Prevention

  • Reduce barcode swapping
  • Faster scanning for expedited reclamation
  • Easier scanning of bulky bottom-of-cart items, minimizing shrink

Build a Better Barcode Scanning App, Gain New Insights About Shoppers

Digimarc delivers the best software for scanning barcodes, faster and more affordable than available alternatives. Empower your shoppers to scan products and prefill an online shopping cart, get product information and offers. Kick start your digital strategy with new data insights about when consumers shop, what they scan and where they engage.

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100% field of view, 24-inch distance range, 70 degree scanning angle and 360 degree omnidirectional scanning at 2 cents per user.


Get Easy, Cost-Effective Digital Engagement

Digimarc solutions for retailers deliver incredible value at an affordable price. Whether you buy the best barcode scanner software or enhance your private-label packaging for only $50 per SKU, you’ll gain efficiency and intelligence that boosts your bottom line.

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Digimarc Barcode for Packaging

A connected package offers consumers all of the information they want, at the point where that information is most relevant — right in the aisle. Empower your customers with Digimarc Barcode for Packaging.

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Digimarc Barcode for Print

Not everything printed requires GTIN information. Print ads, end caps, free standing inserts, and more can all be Digimarc enabled, right in our Digimarc Barcode Manager.

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Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images

All of your digital image assets can be barcoded to support tracking and tracing of your products online. Fight diversion and the sale of counterfeit products and identify unauthorized use using Digimarc Barcodes for digital images.

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Digimarc Barcode for Audio

Television, radio, and in store audio can now all be barcoded with the same reliability you've come to rely on for your packaging. Connect your consumers and gather data by applying Digimarc Barcode for Audio to your audio tracks.

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Digimarc Mobile SDK

Once your packages and collateral is Digimarc enabled, it's time to empower your customers. Integrating the Digimarc Mobile SDK into your application is easy, and provides a branded solution that creates a bridge to your digital content.

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Why should I add a Digimarc Barcode to my private label packages?

Differentiate your private-label products from national brands by delivering additional information when shoppers scan your packaging with a smartphone. And, cashiers can more quickly scan items at checkout because your products include dozens of imperceptible barcodes on every side of the package. Some major retailers have experienced as much as a 30 percent improvement in front-of-store throughput.

Why do I need a digital strategy?

Online shopping and mobile devices have become common place for most consumers, and younger shoppers expect to buy when and where they want. Enhanced product packaging delivers digital content and discounts to shoppers anywhere, and new data insights from scanning behavior helps you understand your loyalists.

What devices/apps can scan Digimarc Barcodes?

All major manufacturers of retail POS scanners support scanning of Digimarc Barcode at checkout. In addition, millions of devices (iOS/Android) enabled by the Digimarc Mobile SDK can read Digimarc Barcode for packaging, print and audio. Start now with a free 90-day trial of our barcode scanning software, or get a free Digimarc Barcode when you sign up today.

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