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It's not just about the technology… it's the mobile experience that really matters.

The Digimarc® Discover platform gives you the tools to offer consumers of your print media with fun and exciting interactive experiences via their smartphones. Reading a printed magazine or listening to a commercial no longer needs to be one-dimensional or static experience. Digitally watermarked content puts consumers in the driver's seat; they’re able to pursue whatever grabs their interest and experience it to the fullest.

At Digimarc, we understand engagement is not just a matter of wowing consumers with the latest technology. Our platform provides an innovative way to connect users with related mobile-optimized content.

Beyond the app, the importance of the "payoff"

What is a payoff? A payoff is enhanced content a consumer receives on their smartphone when they read a digital watermark using a Digimarc Discover-enabled app. Good payoffs will reward the user for taking the time to download a new app and scan content, and will encourage users to scan more in the future. It should enhance the printed article, ad or image with extra online information, assistance and/or entertainment.

Creating Compelling Payoffs

Readers respond best to compelling, mobile optimized payoffs – especially when it’s exclusive content. A company website that can easily be found online is less appealing, and if the company website isn’t optimized for viewing on the reader’s mobile device – it will negatively impact the likelihood your reader will interact with other digitally watermarked content. Keep in mind the payoff should enhance the printed article, image or advertisement. Behind-the-scenes videos, interactive games, special promotional offers, and the ability to share and save content are some of the most popular types of payoffs.

Keep in mind that users are choosing to actively use the technology, so it’s important for them to perceive value in the experience and have an incentive to use it again. Payoffs are your chance to provide exclusive, rich media content to a captivated audience at the moment when their interest is highest. Ideally, users should experience a "wow factor" – the payoff should significantly enhance the print reading experience and allow them to experience the content in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Real World Success

See how Ford used Digimarc IDs to supercharge their brochures.

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