Digimarc® Discover ID Manager

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How it works

The Digimarc® Discover ID Manager is where you can embed imperceptible digital watermarks into images, behind text, and now in audio files without additional software. Anyone can quickly set up an account in the ID Manager. Once you have registered an account and logged in, it's easy to create and manage projects and Digimarc® IDs. Setting up a Digimarc ID can be completed in minutes with very little impact to your workflow.

To support the ID Manager, Digimarc has deployed a robust online computing system that communicates with your device when a watermark is detected. The system matches the URL(s) associated with specific Digimarc IDs and returns the experience within seconds, while capturing metrics for each instance of user engagement.

Creating projects

Projects are like folders that help you organize your watermarked content. For example, a project could reference a product, an issue of a magazine, advertising campaign, playlist or a specific client or brand. These are just a few suggestions; feel free to choose a method of organization that makes sense to you.

New Project Button

We recommend assigning a name that is easily recognizable for each project. For example, let's say you’re the publisher of Example Magazine and you want to include Digimarc IDs in the August 2014 issue. A potential name for your project could be something like "Example Campaign – August 2014."

There is no limit to the number of projects you can create, and keeping organized is the best way to ensure your ability to efficiently update your Digimarc IDs should you need to make any changes.

Creating Digimarc IDs

A project is composed of individual Digimarc IDs. A Digimarc ID is essentially the connection between your audio or print content to a piece of web content. For example, linking a car advertisement (in a magazine or on the radio) to an online video of the car — highlighting its features and performance — would be considered a Digimarc ID. Every unique experience you want to provide will require a new Digimarc ID.


The Activity page shows the engagement activity of your Digimarc IDs over a selected period of time. This lets you know how many times each unique Digimarc ID was accessed by consumers using their smartphone or mobile device.

My Account

The Account Settings tab under the “my account” button allows you to enter additional account and contact information. Digimarc encourages users to enter information on this page to help us contact you in case we need to provide additional assistance related to your Account. You can edit your account information, invite users, or check your monthly activity and billing information from this page.

Content Selection

Embedding for Print

Using Digimarc IDs in print.

Start Enabling Print
Audio Content Selection

Embedding for Audio

Using Digimarc IDs in audio.

Start Enabling Audio

Embedding for Packaging

Embedding for Packaging

Using the Digimarc® Barcode.

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