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Tips for Scanning QR Codes, Barcodes and UPC Codes

  • In Discover mode, position QR codes in the center of the screen to connect to the web.
  • Fit barcodes in the center of the screen to shop and compare prices.

Supported Operating Systems and Devices

The Digimarc Discover app works on all iPhone devices 5 and above, iPod Touch (4th generation+) and iPad 2, 3, Air, mini and Pro. Digimarc tests many Android devices, focusing on popular models such as Google Pixel, LG Nexus 5X, Galaxy S6, Nexus 6P, Samsung S8, LG G5 and others running the later Android OS releases. The app requires iOS 10 or higher and Android OS 4.2 or newer.

A small number of Android devices running a supported OS version are incompatible with the Digimarc Discover app. These devices will not be able to download and install the Digimarc Discover app from Google Play.

Instant Audio-to-Mobile Connection

Audio Digimarc Barcode discoveries are automatic — no action required! Just make sure your microphone isn’t covered.

Tips for Detecting Digimarc-enabled Audio

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Hold your device near the audio content, taking care to not inadvertently cover the microphone.
  3. When an audio Digimarc Barcode is detected, you will see a banner appear at the bottom of the screen with details about the detection.
  4. Tap the banner to make the connection!


You may also read Digimarc Barcodes in images and PDF(s) directly on your monitor screen, without printing. Please note the wide variance of monitors may affect this demonstration. Here are a few considerations if your attempt to read Digimarc-enabled content onscreen is unsuccessful:

  1. If you have a lower resolution monitor, you may need to hold your mobile device at a distance greater than six inches. If you have a higher resolution monitor, try less than six inches. Adjust your distance from the screen until you have a successful detection.
  2. Please ensure your monitor is not stretching images and changing the aspect ratio.
  3. If you have a widescreen monitor, make sure you are using a true widescreen resolution recommended by your system, in proportion to your physical screen size (examples: 1680x1050, 1152x864, 1280x960).

Tips for Detecting Digimarc-enabled Print

  1. Launch the app and view the brief tutorial.
  2. Hold your device four to six inches above the page and let your camera focus anywhere on the image.
  3. Digimarc ID detection should be instant and will be indicated with a sound. If you don’t immediately hear the sound, slowly move your phone toward or away from the image.
  4. Enjoy print come to life!

Instant Print-to-Mobile Connection

Open the Digimarc Discover app and hold your device parallel to the Digimarc-enabled printed content and let the camera focus.


Try it Yourself

Download the Digimarc® Discover app to enable your mobile device to interact with the world around you! Then, play the audio demonstration video or download the PDF of the sample coffee ad to try it out.

Additional Demo Materials