Support: Digimarc Barcode Plug In Support

Harness the power of the Digimarc Barcode Manager without leaving Adobe® Photoshop®.

If you do not already have the Digimarc Barcode Plug-in, a free Digimarc Barcode Manager account is required. Once signed in to your Barcode Manager account, click the “Help” menu and then download the plug-in (available for Mac only).

Digimarc Barcode plug-in 3.4: Release Notes:

Operating requirements:

  • macOS versions 10.10 or later and Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 or later

New Features and Capabilities:

Users with Packaging Permissions:

  • The Min Dot control is no longer visible when Generate binary pattern is checked.
  • For enhancing packages, enhancement strength in the MYK channels is now equal to enhancement strength in the CMY channels.
  • Users can have any combination of the following permissions when working with Digimarc Barcodes for Packaging:
    • Users with Create permission can purchase new Digimarc Barcodes for Packaging.
    • Users with Edit permission can modify information related to the mobile user experience and the Digimarc Barcode title and description.
    • Users with Enhance permission can apply Digimarc Barcodes for Packaging to product packaging artwork. This permission can only be assigned by Digimarc.

Current Packaging users will initially have all the new Packaging permissions. Packaging permissions can be changed by Account Managers and Digimarc Administrators.

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