• High Performance Barcode
    Enhancement for Retailers

    The Digimarc® Barcode greatly improves
    speed of checkout and reduces labor
    costs for quantifiable benefits.

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  • Digimarc Delivers One Unified
    Solution for Retailers and Brands

    Every print, audio, video and packaging
    touchpoint along the Shopper’s Journey
    drives mobile shopper engagement.

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  • Digimarc and ShopAdvisor Partner to
    Simplify Making Print Shoppable

    Digital watermarking connects the dots between
    editorial content, interactivity and shopping.
    Readers can simply... scan, shop, buy!

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  • You’ve Found the Solution to Close the
    Loop on Your 360° Marketing Strategy

    Engage your mobile-enabled customers like
    never before! No other service offers imperceptible
    interactive touchpoints in every medium.

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  • Profit from Your Passion with
    Digimarc® for Images

    They’re your images. Your works of art. Your memories. Your vision. You should know who uses and enjoys them. But do you? Digimarc for Images can help.

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    What is digital watermarking?

    Our core technology is the imperceptible, robust embedding of digital information in all forms of media.

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    What makes Digimarc great?

    A long-standing history of innovation paired with solid corporate values makes for a winning combination.

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