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Digimarc Barcode: Quantitative Model and ROI Calculator

Digimarc has published a white paper and associated ROI (return on investment) calculator intended to help retailers quantify potential labor cost savings from adopting the Digimarc Barcode.
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Marketing Barcode Model
Digimarc Barcode Quantitative Model White Paper Overview

Digimarc Discover Getting Started Guide Cover
Digimarc Discover Getting Started Guide
Digimarc Discover Overview
Digimarc Discover ID Manager Overview

Traction Report - NEW!

Digital Watermarks in Magazines: 2013 Traction Report

With Digimarc® Discover, smartphones can instantly see, hear and engage with all forms of media and connect users to exciting interactive experiences.

Digimarc Discover uses multiple content identification technologies — digital watermarking for print and audio, plus QR code and barcode detection — to give smartphones the ability to see, hear and engage with all forms of media. Consumers simply launch the Digimarc Discover app and point their phone at the content of interest — a page, package, radio spot, retail sign, etc. — and are instantly connected to online experiences. Digimarc Discover technology has also demonstrated a significant increase in speed through retail checkout.

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