About Digimarc

We are the inventors of the Digimarc Platform and we're committed to creating products for a better future.


Pioneers in a Dynamic, Ever-Changing World

We are a global, values-based organization that believes our employees’ talents, resources and products can help promote a better future, both locally and across the world. We are curious and courageous, and believe we can address challenging issues, such as the traceability and transparency of products across supply chains or the impact of plastic packaging on the environment. We believe the talent of every employee can make a difference.

We invented the Digimarc Platform, featuring Digimarc Barcode. It enables any object or media to be reliably and efficiently identified to reduce food waste, lessen manufacturing errors, protect the authenticity and security of products, reduce plastic waste and promote consumer engagement and much more.

We are committed to solutions that can help mitigate challenging problems, such as an excess of plastics in our landfills and oceans. We set our sights on global challenges, while prioritizing strong ties to our local community through volunteering and developing young people’s skills and talents.

We are pioneers and dreamers in a rapidly changing, dynamic world. We are Digimarc.


The Benefits of the Digimarc Platform



Unique identification for critical media.



Protect and manage digital images with unique identifiers.



Serialized barcodes for accurate product tracking.



Plastics packaging with detailed data for more efficient recycling.



Scannable, digital objects to improve customer engagement.



Connected objects that improve business operations.


“Digimarc and its employees take social responsibility and commitment to our corporate values seriously. Whether it’s Digimarc employees volunteering in our local communities, our internal ‘Green Team’ focus on reducing Digimarc’s footprint, or the benefits of the Digimarc Platform, which can reduce food waste and potentially improve plastic recycling—we ‘walk the talk’ of corporate stewardship.” – Bruce Davis, Chairman & CEO