Company Overview

A Leading Innovator and Technology Provider

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Digimarc enables businesses and governments worldwide to add machine-readable codes to reliably and efficiently identify all forms of content, including audio, video, packaging, and imagery. We develop solutions, license intellectual property, and provide development services to global business partners across a wide range of industries. Digimarc holds a large and growing intellectual property portfolio that spans the breadth and depth of innovation in digital watermarking and content identification, with over 800 issued US and foreign patents.

Our Vision

By giving all forms of media and many everyday objects a digital identity, the patented Digimarc Platform helps consumers and organizations to easily access digital content when, where, and how they want it.

Digimarc is partnering with industry leaders worldwide to bring convenience, simplicity and enhanced experiences to users’ interactions with media and the physical world.

Use Digimarc for these and more:

  • Enhancing packaging for blazing fast checkout and consumer engagement.
  • Connecting print, audio, and packaging to brand-defined online content.
  • Protecting, identifying and tracking digital files.
  • Confirming content and objects are genuine, unaltered and from an authorized source.
  • Monitoring distribution of television and radio broadcasts
  • Managing digital rights
  • Deterring counterfeiting and piracy
  • Ensuring document security