Product Digitization Done Right

Businesses have digitized every process, but products rarely communicate about their status, path, or provenance. Complete your digital transformation with the platform that delivers product digitization to illuminate more of your business.

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A Digital Twin for Everything

Make every item you produce trackable, intelligent and interactive with a cloud-based record of your products’ journey and interactions. Enjoy the flexibility to connect that information to physical products and packaging with many types of tags, including digital watermarks, QR codes, RFID and more – each with their own advantages.

Digital Identities

Digitize products and packaging with a wide range of digital identities. Whether you choose covert digital watermarks, serialized QR codes, RFID tags or other code formats, Digimarc seamlessly connects physical items to an aggregated collection of information and insights in the cloud that empowers your business to see, know, and achieve more.

Product Cloud

EVRYTHNG® Product Cloud is an easy-to-use repository of information and insights about your products’ path and attributes – all contained within a unique digital identity. These cloud-based records are connected to packaging and other physical objects by a variety of digital identities that deliver new information to the cloud at every touchpoint and interaction across the product lifecycle.


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Brand Integrity

Digimarc’s brand integrity solution guards your business reputation by ensuring product authenticity and identifying bogus or diverted goods.

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Digimarc’s recycle solution gives products the ability to communicate critical product data to sorting machines improving recycling rates and accuracy.

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Consumer Engagement

Digimarc’s consumer engagement solution creates a direct digital dialogue between consumers and brands, while generating valuable customer insights.

See everything and achieve anything with Digimarc

With visibility into everything, you gain critical intelligence to guide you in ensuring authenticity, reducing costs, increasing operational agility and improving circularity at every step along the supply chain. Get started today.

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