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Digimarc Illuminate Platform

A Digital Twin for Everything

Make every item you produce intelligent and interactive with a cloud-based record of your products’ journey and interactions. Enjoy the flexibility to connect that information to physical products and packaging with many types of tags, including digital watermarks, QR codes, RFID, NFC, and more.

Data Carriers
Data Carriers

Enjoy the flexibility to connect that information to physical products and packaging with many types of data carriers, including digital watermarks, QR codes, RFID, NFC, and more.

Digital Twins
Digital Twins

Digitize products and packaging with digital twins, addressing a wide range of granularities. From batch/lot to item-level serialization, let Digimarc seamlessly connect your physical items to an aggregated collection of information in the cloud that empowers your business to see, know, and achieve more. 

Digimarc Illuminate platform
Digimarc Illuminate platform

The Digimarc Illuminate platform is an easy-to-use repository of intelligence about your products’ path and attributes – all contained within a unique digital identity. These cloud-based records are connected to packaging and other physical objects and deliver new information at every touchpoint and interaction across the product lifecycle.

The Comprehensive Guide to Product Digitization

While your business may be putting product digitization off, the benefits of it are too great to ignore. Find out how it can help you future-proof your business and meet growing consumer and marketplace demand with this guide.

Key Capabilities

Data Flexibility

Whether leveraging digital watermarks or other forms of identification, Digimarc lets users add and update more product attributes than alternatives. Each product is connected to a digital twin in the cloud that enables brands to flexibly configure the data most crucial for their needs.

Extensible Data

Item-Level Identification

Digimarc delivers variable data, empowering you to identify every product and object at the batch, lot, regional or individual item level. Benefit from one-to-one engagement with customers, trace products to the source, and more.

Item-Level Identification

Centralized Traceability

Digimarc provides a platform capable of ingesting traceability data from a variety of disparate production, supply chain, distribution, fulfillment and inventory management systems, giving you an aggregated, centralized view. Now you can see everything about your products’ journey and interactions.

Closed System Security

Enjoy the safety and security of aggregating your product intelligence in a single-source solution. Our closed network system features permissions and rights management tools that enable you to better manage your business, partners, and data.

Item-Level Identification

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Digimarc Automate
Digimarc Automate

Digimarc Automate leverages digital watermarks to deliver fast, accurate product inspection in industrial settings. 

Brand Integrity
Digimarc Validate

Start identifying and protecting your digital assets immediately. Assert your copyright ownership and ensure that you maintain control.

Digimarc Engage
Digimarc Engage

Digimarc Engage delivers a direct digital dialogue between consumers and brands, while generating valuable customer insights.

Digimarc Recycle

Digimarc Recycle gives products the ability to communicate critical product data to sorting machines, improving recycling rates and accuracy.

Retail Experience Icon
Digimarc Retail Experience

Digimarc Retail Experience leverages digital watermarks to meet the needs of emerging retail technology systems.

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