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See how Digimarc Engage helps brands connect your products and consumers.

Digimarc Engage

A Dynamic Consumer Engagement Platform

Deliver product transparency and contextually-relevant experiences with a simple smartphone scan, and unlock game-changing insights into your customers in the process. Learn when, where, and how consumers use your products when you engage with them in a digital dialogue. 


Using the Digimarc Illuminate Platform, give every product a digital identity that can be assigned at the product, batch, lot, or even individual unit level depending on your need.


Add a QR code, NFC tag, digital watermark, scannable barcode or other identifier to your product packaging, scannable by consumers in-store, at home or on the go.


Deliver customized context-aware experiences to consumers from a single code based on automated rules and other configurations in the cloud.


Boost consumer engagement marketing and gain valuable insights to inform sales, product, and distribution strategies with our robust consumer engagement platform.

Key Capabilities

Context-Aware Engagement

Patented technology that dynamically delivers multiple applications from a single digital identity, simplifying packaging deployment, and creating tailored consumer experiences.

Context Aware Engagement

End-to-End Connected Consumer Engagement Platform

Collect and share data from full product lifecycle for complete transparency, creating a connection between your products, your audience, and the wider digital ecosystem.

End-to-End Connected Platform

Real-time Consumer Insights

See when, where, how, and why consumers engage and leverage that intelligence for broader brand and marketing initiatives.

Luxiva Dashboard

Customer Success

Patagonia used Digimarc's creative product digitization methods to successfully change consumer behaviors.

Jennifer Patrick, Patagonia

“The engagement with our hang tags continues to grow. We now have real-time data points that show exactly what products our customers are engaging with most, which we didn’t have before. This has allowed us to shift our conversations with customers."

Jennifer Patrick Global Packaging & Branding Director Patagonia

Engagement and Insights Across Industries

fresh foods
Fresh Foods

Consumers increasingly demand deeper information on ingredients, provenance, and manufacturing practices before deciding what to put in their bodies.


Consumers not only crave care instructions and style tips but they are also highly interested in brand values and culture before making clothing purchases.  

Consumer Goods
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumers have more choices than ever and seek brands that stand out and put the customer at the center of the product experience.

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