Consumer Engagement for Today’s Enterprises

Engage in direct-to-consumer communication with a powerful product that seamlessly delivers differentiated content across the physical and digital domains. Digimarc Engage is powered by a highly secure, super scalable, and enterprise-grade platform that supports all your physical and digital connectivity needs.

Integrated Marketing Made Easy

Digimarc activates products and physical and digital media to provide an interactive, fully client-owned, and cross-media communications platform for consumer engagement. With unified QR codes and weblinks support, companies can deliver specified content and consistent web experiences across both physical and digital assets for truly integrated marketing campaigns, richer consumer experiences, and new omnichannel data insights.

Digimarc Engage

Advantages of Digimarc Engage

  • Omnichannel Engagement
  • Dynamic Content
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Enterprise Platform

Omnichannel Engagement

  • Activate your products and physical and digital media to provide an interactive, fully client-owned, cross-media communications platform for consumer engagement.
  • Deliver contextual and differentiated experiences across both physical items and digital media – powering integrated marketing campaigns with richer consumer experiences while revealing never-before-available omnichannel data insights to inform smarter campaigns.

Omnichannel Engagement

Dynamic Content

  • Deliver contextual and differentiated experiences based on an open-ended list of inputs such as language, location, or product variants (seasonal packaging, retailer exclusives, in-market tests, etc.) allowing companies to create more personalized experiences for consumers and obtain immediate quantitative data on their impact.
  • Extend contextual redirection beyond simply products to physical and digital promotional assets such as web display ads, social media posts, printed materials, and signage, while easily tying the performance of these promotional assets to the product itself.
  • Support for shortened “smart” uniform resource locators (URLs) that redirect to a full web address, providing users with increased flexibility and control when activating digital assets where no physical product or printed QR code is involved.

Multifactor Authentication

  • Leverage both QR codes and covert Digimarc digital watermarks for powerful multifactor product authentication capabilities required for fraudulent-free customer loyalty and rewards programs.
  • Gain the flexibility to deliver digital marketing experiences for customers while supporting multifactor product authentication workflows for brand inspectors all from the same QR code.

Enterprise Platform

  • Feel confident knowing Digimarc Engage is built upon the Digimarc Illuminate platform, a secure and scalable enterprise-grade platform endorsed by CIOs around the world.
  • Advance your omnichannel consumer engagement strategy on a unified platform that can easily scale to support future digital transformation initiatives that leverage digital watermarks, such as product authentication, industrial automation, and recycling sortation to provide value across the entire organization.  

How Digimarc Engage Works

A Future-Proofed Solution

With GS1 Digital Link at its core, Digimarc Engage adds dynamic intelligence on top of this critical industry standard to create a direct communication channel between companies and consumers via the products they purchase and consume—a requirement of emerging regulatory efforts such as the Digital Product Passport (DPP) in Europe.

As the co-chair of the GS1 Digital Link standard work group, Digimarc led the way for industry-wide adoption of GS1 Digital Link as the world prepares for Sunrise 2027 when 2D barcodes—like QR codes encoded with GS1 Digital Link—will be accepted at point-of-sale.

Digimarc’s Role in Consumer Engagement

Bridging the physical and digital realms is paramount to a company progressing on its digital transformation journey while addressing evolving consumer expectations. Digimarc delivers this functionality while providing the ease and simplicity of working with a single platform provider to ensure a seamless and secure omnichannel experience.

Customer Success

Patagonia used Digimarc's creative product digitization methods to successfully change consumer behaviors.

Jennifer Patrick, Patagonia

“The engagement with our hang tags continues to grow. We now have real-time data points that show exactly what products our customers are engaging with most, which we didn’t have before. This has allowed us to shift our conversations with customers."

Jennifer Patrick Global Packaging & Branding Director Patagonia

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