Digimarc Partners

Digimarc collaborates with industry leaders to enhance the power and reach of the Digimarc Intuitive Computing Platform, bringing scale, convenience and expertise to a variety of industry sectors, including retail, consumer packaged goods, music and entertainment, and publishing. Through our partners, Digimarc collaborators reap the benefits of increased exposure via collaborative marketing campaigns, early access to product upgrades, training materials and much more. Working within our partners, we are able to identify and understand emerging market needs and show customers immediate and sustained return on investment.


Digimarc Barcode Manager was one of the first plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, and we continue to seek ways to integrate our Digimarc Barcode enhancement methodology into Adobe products.


Aila helps retailers create exceptional shopping experiences by developing sophisticated tablet technologies that bring your customers closer than ever before to your brand.

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Alp Vision

AlpVision is a leader in digital technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection.


BeeGraphic provides package design and consumer marketing expertise, integrated with Digimarc technology, to a worldwide client base.

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Berry Global

Berry Global has added Digimarc Barcode technology to its long history of excellence in package manufacturing.


Bizerba works with Digimarc to bring next generation labels to market, protecting against unnecessary food waste and improving reliability and efficiency at checkout.

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Blue SoHo

BlueSoHo bridges traditional analog and digital marketing worlds to help you deliver more personal, relevant brand experiences by engaging your consumers at the right place and time.

Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova powers the transformation of shopping. They deliver the technologies and the data to map the retail world, every store, every product, every day. With a multidisciplinary team of robotics, artificial intelligence, and big data scientists, Bossa Nova has solved the challenges to deploy fully autonomous retail service robots and deliver actionable data in real-time.

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Datalogic, the world leader in automatic data capture, offers state of the art solutions with fixed position retail scanners, handheld scanners and mobile computers. Datalogic’s scanner/scales and handhelds are some of the first products available to support and fully utilize Digimarc Barcode, as well as more traditional 1D and 2D barcodes.

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Diadeis is a design and pre-media agency specializing in expanding and evolving a brand's identity.

Endeavour Media

Endeavour Media is dedicated to developing innovative platforms for businesses to reach and engage with smartphone users.

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EVRYTHNG's Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Products Platform brings embedded, real time, connected digital intelligence to packages, in-store signs, and displays. The Connected Packaging Solution (a collaboration between WestRock, EVRYTHNG, and Digimarc) for smart products brings new levels of real-time interactivity to paper-based consumer packages.

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Fast Technology Group

Fast Technology's PACKprint digital consumer engagement solution provides a personalized platform to reach customers directly through the package they love.


FiliGrade provides copyright protection for printing of decorative floor patterns.

GS1 Germany

GS1 maintains the global standards for barcodes. GS1 Germany supports the development and implementation of open, cross-industry, globally valid standards. GS1 Germany and Digimarc have joint efforts to speed the industry adoption of DWCODE™ (unique imperceptible data carrier which is repeated across the entire graphics design of a package).

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GS1 maintains the global standards for barcodes. GS1 US and Digimarc collaborate to speed up the industry adoption of the Digimarc Barcode technology. GS1 US provides education, training, and access to services to its member businesses to foster the adoption of Digimarc's barcode technology. GS1 US and Digimarc jointly developed and released DWCODE in June 2016.

Hewlett Packard Inc

Hewlett Packard Inc is one of Digimarc longest partnerships and is focused on introducing Digimarc Barcode across a range of digital print products and services.

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Honeywell has integrated Digimarc Barcode scanning within selected portions of its handheld portfolio in an effort to increase ease of checkout within retail operations.

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Linkz has been using Digimarc Barcode since 2012, helping brands and publishers to manage their print-to-digital connections and content. From packaging to greeting cards, Linkz brings them to life with relevant, personalized content.

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Digimarc scanning capabilities are available worldwide in Microsoft Windows® 10-supported devices with built-in cameras. Digimarc and Microsoft began a 15-year partnership in 2018 and the built-in support of Digimarc detection technology gives the Windows development community easy access to several powerful technologies. Using standard Windows APIs, developers can benefit from high performance scanning of the most common traditional barcodes found in retail, including QR codes, Digimarc Barcode and DWCODE®.

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With a belief that today's packaging should be smarter, faster, and more informative, Monic is working with several companies in Japan to expand the adoption of Digimarc Barcode.


NCR is transforming retail stores around the world with its RealScan family of scanners, many of which include Digimarc Barcode technology, and are designed to reduce training while improving accuracy and speed.

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Nielsen is a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers watch and buy. Nielsen and Digimarc joined forces to make Nielsen watermarks available to clients for applications beyond audience measurement, allowing new ways to engage with consumers and provide enhanced flexibility to drive brands’ engagement strategies.


Perrigo is the world’s largest manufacturer of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products for the store brand market. Perrigo provides Digimarc Barcode services to its retail customers to increase mobile shopper engagement, improve point-of-sale efficiency, and provide consumers a more exceptional omnichannel customer experience.


With over 10 years of experience, Re-Vision is the leading global provider of mobile self-scanning solutions. Accounting for an overall market share of 50% and supporting over 1,500,000 shoppers daily, Re-Vision has a proven track record of delivering business value to the world's largest retail organizations.

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Rockfish helps brands and retailers navigate the changing landscape of mobile commerce, in order to execute innovative digital retail strategies.


Schawk is developing innovative ways to help leverage Digimarc Barcode technology strategically to make the most of marketing opportunities, packaging utility, and retailer relationships.

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SGS helps retailers leap out front with lightning fast checkout speeds by commercializing innovative packaging that contains the Digimarc Barcode.

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SourceAudio Detect solves the biggest issues inherent to the current monitoring landscape and empowers you with the most accurate and comprehensive broadcast performance data available anywhere.

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Sun Branding

Sun Branding provides design and Digimarc Barcode enhancement services across different products and branding opportunities.


Verimatrix VideoMark technology offers a set of tools that apply and remove watermarks in client devices, a more scalable approach than server-side watermarking.


WestRock provides differentiated paper and packaging solutions. The Connected Packaging Solution (a collaboration between WestRock, EVRYTHNG, and Digimarc) for smart products brings new levels of real-time interactivity to paper based consumer packages.

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Wipak develops and manufactures highly innovative premium-quality flexible packaging solutions for food products and medical devices. Wipak generates the Digimarc Barcode® and incorporates the code into the gravure, flexo or Prodirect® digital inkjet technology to create the finished product.



Zebra Technologies produces bioptic, multi-plane and handheld scanners enabled with Digimarc technology to drive faster retail checkout.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

"Consumers are increasingly demanding access to complete and accurate product information to inform their purchase decisions and more than 90 percent use their smartphones while shopping in retail stores."

Laura DiSciullo,
Senior Vice President of Solutions, GS1 US

"With Digimarc Barcodes, Link Technology can deliver similar real-time, dynamic content available digitally directly from printed products while maintaining complete graphic freedom."

Moe Khosravy,
VP of Software & Connectivity Platforms, HP

"We're aggressively innovating to increase the universe of what is Shazamable — and Shazam has already evolved beyond music to TV, radio, cinema and retail."

Rich Riley,
CEO, Shazam

DWCODE is a registered trademark of GS1 US, Inc. used with permission.