Service Partners

Digimarc's service partner network spans printers, premedia, prepress, converters, system integrators, and digital agencies, providing customers with seamless, centralized deployment of digital watermarks onto product packaging and other media formats. Digimarc service partners receive access and training in our latest tools and digital watermarking best practices, ensuring clients maintain their existing service relationships while benefiting from enhanced quality and efficiency.

Partner Success

Karri Koskela

Through our collaboration with Digimarc, our customers can now validate their recyclability rates at scale. This ensures environmental sustainability and opens doors for services and digitalization of packaging. The potential of Digimarc digital watermarks goes beyond packaging materials alone. We are fully prepared to lead the way in revolutionizing the industry, offering cost-efficient solutions to counter counterfeiting, providing certainty and safety for both the end consumer and our customers.

Karri Koskela Wipak CEO

Product Partners

Digimarc works with a variety of technology leaders to integrate our software into their software or hardware, from popular graphic design applications to industrial scanning devices. Through these product partnerships, Digimarc customers can leverage existing infrastructure for fast, cost-effective deployments, and unlock efficiency gains through digital watermark-ready systems.

Partner Success

Fernando Colás

Our customers in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors face increasing demands for high-quality and sustainable packaging. By integrating Digimarc's advanced digital watermarking technology into our machine vision solutions, we can provide a packaging solution that reduces unnecessary materials and prevents mislabeled or mispackaged products.

Fernando Colás Omron CEO

Denotes participation in Digimarc’s Center of Expertise (CoE) program, which provides partners streamlined access to tools, sales/marketing content, and training to deliver powerful identification and authentication capabilities to clients across a variety of use cases and industries.

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