The Package Lifecycle

Digimarc creates a product identity brands can follow through the supply chain, from package design to consumers’ homes.


The Digimarc Platform

Platform Overview

Better Barcodes, Better Business

The Digimarc Intuitive Computing Platform delivers unmatched reliability and efficiency for automatically identifying almost any media or object, which has positive implications for commerce, entertainment and more.

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Now Scanning: Every Surface, Every Sound

Scanners that sense the world around them will drive the future of shopping, manufacturing and a wide range of business and consumer applications. What you can’t see will help you.

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Birth of the Barcode

Retail & CPG

Product Transparency

Retail & CPG

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Success Stories

Portland Trailblazers

The Portland Trail Blazers offer the first FanScan feature in the NBA. Read the story.

New Seasons

Pacific Northwest grocer adopts Digimarc Barcode to speed checkout. Read the story.

Widen Success Story

Widen partners with Digimarc Guardian to help its customers with security, rights management and asset tracking of images. Read the story.