Safe, Convenient & Efficient Grocery with the Digimarc Platform

Digimarc, together with our Partners, are committed to helping grocery retailers promote safe and productive stores during COVID-19. Find out how connected and responsible packaging and labels can support touchless checkout, faster pick-and-pack and more.

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White Paper: 'Beyond the Barcode'

Digimarc CEO Bruce Davis' technical white paper, "Beyond the Barcode: Digimarc Makes Retail Operations Safer and More Profitable," demonstrates Digimarc's superiority over potential successors to the UPC symbol.

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BBC Touts Recycling Project with Digimarc

The BBC News published a video showing how the Digimarc Platform, as part of the HolyGrail 2.0 project, can improve the sorting of plastic containers in support of a circular economy.

By giving all forms of media and many everyday objects a digital identity, Digimarc helps retailers, brands and consumers easily access digital content when, where and how they want it.

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Digimarc Barcode for Packaging

New to working with Digimarc Barcode for Packaging? See our guidance for printers and premedia professionals about working with Digimarc-enhanced packaging and maintaining quality control. Learn more now to ensure your success.

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