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The Digimarc Intuitive Computing Platform delivers unmatched reliability and efficiency for automatically identifying almost any media or object, which has positive implications for commerce, entertainment and more.

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Digimarc Barcode for Thermal Labels

As seen at NRF 2018, Digimarc helps circumvent many of the most common problems with fresh foods, including torn, wrinkled or damaged labels that slow checkout for consumers. Discover how Digimarc Barcode for Thermal Labels helps cashiers scan products more easily and reliably.

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Consumer demand is changing the shopping experience, impacting customer service, the health of cashiers and – in some cases – causing delays. Download, “Fighting Friction in Retail,” a free Digimarc report featuring recommended actions for proactive grocery retailers. Read the Paper

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Design and branding are inseparable from the history of packaging. In the 20th Century, packaging materials and packaging design merged to become one: think the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. In Ch. 2 of The History of Packaging, we examine how it all started and also what it means for brands today. Read the History

Cashier Survey

Cashiers aren't happy about scanning damaged fresh food labels. A new Harris Poll makes it clear that torn, wrinkled or damaged labels are a problem. See the stats and how Digimarc can help. Read More