‘Fresh, Front & Center’ at NRF 2018

Stop by booth #2875 and discover how Digimarc Barcode benefits retailers in three critical areas: perimeter departments, the front end and the center store.

Digimarc at NRF
Platform Overview

Better Barcodes, Better Business

The Digimarc Intuitive Computing Platform delivers unmatched reliability and efficiency for automatically identifying almost any media or object, which has positive implications for commerce, entertainment and more.

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Digimarc Barcode: How it Works

What is an imperceptible barcode and how is it applied to product packaging? Watch this 30-second video to discover how a 'connected package' is created.

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Digimarc at NRF: Fresh, Front and Center

The key to winning over customers is to provide them a seamless shopping experience without snags, irritations or roadblocks. Visit Digimarc at NRF booth #2875 and find out how our "Fresh, Front & Center" solution helps retailers engage today's smart shopper. Read More


Shoppers want more and better product information. Download a free Digimarc white paper and make sure your brand is prepared to meet the needs of the marketplace. Get it Now

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