Be ready for the reinvention of retail.

A new Planet Retail survey shows that retailers can compete for omni-channel sales with renewed investment in technology.

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The Digimarc Platform

Platform Overview

Better Barcodes, Better Business

The Digimarc Intuitive Computing Platform delivers unmatched reliability and efficiency for automatically identifying almost any media or object, which has positive implications for commerce, entertainment and more.

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Now Scanning: Every Surface, Every Sound

Scanners that sense the world around them will drive the future of shopping, manufacturing and a wide range of business and consumer applications. What you can’t see will help you.

News & Events

Inside the mind of a book pirate

New Digimarc and Nielsen Study Unveiled at London Book Fair

Digimarc commissioned the survey to better understand the nature of e-book piracy, how it impacts revenue, and what publishers can do to prevent it. Read More


New Survey Reveals Key Retail Technology Trends

Digimarc and Planet Retail have announced key findings in a new report on how retailers are applying technologies and innovations to streamline the supply chain, create new efficiencies and improve the customer experience. Read More

Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova and Digimarc Help Automate Planogram Compliance

Bossa Nova and Digimarc announce that they are collaborating on next-generation retail solutions for more efficient inventory management. Read More

Success Stories

Portland Trailblazers

The Portland Trail Blazers offer the first FanScan feature in the NBA. Read More

New Seasons

Pacific Northwest grocer adopts Digimarc Barcode to speed checkout. Read More


BMW and Shazam Create First Digital Dealership. Read More