SAFE™ Detection Software and Services 

GenAI is the most powerful technological advancement since the internet, but it’s critical that these revolutionary engines of productivity are not fueled by misuse and theft.  


By reading the instructions conveyed by a SAFE™ digital watermark, GenAI model training powered by SAFE™ detection software and services makes it easy for GenAI companies to identify content that is owned by others prior to ingestion. This allows GenAI companies to avoid the certainty of costly legal battles over the unauthorized use of copyrighted material today, and avoid exposure to financial damages, injunctions, and forced re-training of models in the future.


SAFE™ detection software and services also provides additional benefits to GenAI companies, such as the avoidance of model collapse and the realization of efficiencies in input labeling and other model-training steps. 


Digimarc provides its SAFE™ detection software to a growing number of partners – including machine learning systems, ecommerce marketplaces, security software providers, social media platforms, and many more – to power a trusted and scalable digital asset ecosystem.