Meeting Heightened Expectations

The rise of ecommerce has strained retailers to adapt in-store experiences to meet evolving consumer expectations. Seventy-one percent of U.S. shoppers find store experiences to be outdated and inconvenient.* Retailers and brands are looking to innovative technology to promote a frictionless in-store customer experience and prepare for the transition from 1D barcodes.

*PSFK Research Report -- February 2022

Product Digitization Starts Here

Digimarc Retail Experience leverages digital watermarks rather than traditional 1D barcodes, making checkout easier and more efficient. Retail Experience addresses the needs of retailers like Walmart while minimizing costs, disruptions, and complexities to existing brand packaging processes.


Powered by the Digimarc Illuminate platform, businesses gain insight into their products' retail journey to inform intelligent decisions about their products' future.

66.00 %

of retailers are investing more resources to expand convenient payment and checkout options

(PYMNTS, Feb. 2023)

32.00 %

of consumers say that speed of shopping trip is the top priority when shopping in store

(Researchscape International, Dec. 2021)

1026.00 +

global brands have added SmartLabel® to packaging for greater transparency

(Consumer Brands Assoc., March 2023)

Future Proof Your Products

Digital watermarks are a key component of Digimarc Retail Experience. Functional, flexible, and covert, they are applied natively to products or packaging with limited impact on branding, design, cost, or recyclability. Digital watermarks carry more data than traditional barcodes and improve scanning coverage, efficiency, and accuracy, making them perfect for advancements in frictionless checkout. Brands can now meet the demands of modern retail while accessing real-time data to support evolving consumer expectations.

  • Suite of Digimarc digital watermarking and quality control tools
  • Robust product data management with bulk uploads and APIs
  • QR code and other data carrier support
  • Full support for GS1 Digital Link
  • Context and rule-based redirections, enabling brands to link to existing content such as SmartLabel® pages or build new web experiences with our powerful redirections
  • Dashboards delivering real-time insights and analytics from product interactions
  • Compatible with most existing package designs with no required modifications
  • Imperceptible to consumers once deployed
  • Deterministic product identification with greater data capacity than traditional barcodes
  • Zero impact to package disposal and recyclability
  • Cross-compatibility with other emerging watermark use cases
  • Functionality with other 2D codes, such as QR and DataMatrix

Customer Success

Netto is positioned to adopt Digimarc Recycle for more efficient plastic recycling.

Christina Stylianou, Netto Corporate spokesperson

“We digitized our private label food and beverage products with Digimarc's technology and now Netto is well positioned to adopt Digimarc Recycle with the same digital watermarking technology that makes checkout easier and more efficient."

Christina Stylianou Corporate Spokesperson Netto

Move Toward Retail-Ready Modernization

Digimarc Retail Experience helps brands future-proof their business and meet the evolving needs of consumers and retail partners. Ready to embrace modern retail?