Digital Watermarks That Deliver More

Digimarc delivers the industry’s only digital watermark that can be trusted to identify and authenticate physical and digital assets with the speed, precision, and security required to address today’s complex challenges – from combating counterfeits and asserting copyright protections to modernizing existing processes, powering novel automations, and revolutionizing recycling sortation.

What is Digital Watermarking?

Digital watermarking is the science of hiding information in a physical or digital item so that the information is imperceptible or inaudible to humans but easily detected and read by machines. With nearly 30 years of expertise and over 800 patents, Digimarc has set the standard with the most robust feature set and widest support for critical use cases, all while leveraging existing materials and production workflows.

Dive Deeper Into Digital Watermarks

Essential Features of Digimarc’s Digital Watermark

  • Imperceptible
  • Ubiquitous
  • Redundant
  • Secure
  • Adaptable


Invisible for secrecy, safeguarding, aesthetics, and performance.

Being covert helps fight fakes (counterfeiters can’t copy what they don’t know is there), while also enabling additional features (ubiquity and redundancy) that make digital watermarks the best – sometimes the only – way to reliably and deterministically identify physical and digital items.


A pervasive digital identity allows the item to become the information.

Because a digital watermark is imperceptible, it can cover the totality of a digital or physical asset, making it resistant to damage, manipulation, occlusion, or attempts to remove the information.


Stronger, and more durable, robust, and performant than ever.

Imperceptibility enables massive repetition of information, allowing digital watermarks to deliver durability against damage, protection against counterfeiters, and high scanning success rates in industrial, retail, recycling, supply chain, and enterprise business settings – no matter how harsh or unfavorable the conditions.


Encryption to protect your data and permissions that limit access and awareness.

Digimarc digital watermarks leverage enhanced encryption techniques, strengthening data security by ensuring information is protected in transit to and from the Digimarc Illuminate platform (cloud or edge server). Powerful controls over data access and detection allow Digimarc customers to manage permissions in real-time and provide different audiences with access to different data for different purposes. These controls can also limit awareness that digital watermarks are there at all.


Digital watermarks simultaneously serve multiple purposes with flexible information.

Digimarc digital watermarks can simultaneously power multiple use cases. Digimarc delivers the right information for the business need by retrieving data and receiving logic from the Digimarc Illuminate platform (cloud or edge server), which also eliminates limitations to payloads, bit capacities, identifiers, and data structures. The versatility and connectivity allow digital watermarks to adapt by returning flexible information and automating actions based on context, purpose, and permissions.

Digital Watermarks: Bridging Physical and Digital

Consumer products may be physical but increasingly extend into digital environments. Digimarc digital watermarking technology uniquely connects physical and digital assets and delivers the same powerful capabilities across both domains. Streamline your business with a single solution for automatic identification, authentication, and engagement in both physical and digital contexts, powering new capabilities and unlocking never-before-seen data. In today’s omnichannel world, physical products cannot succeed without digital support, and only Digimarc seamlessly bridges both worlds.

Digital Watermarks: Bridging Physical and Digital

Watermark Now, Activate Later

Digimarc gives companies and their print and packaging partners the ability to deploy digital watermarks ahead of activating specific functionality. Unlike traditional data carriers, next-generation Digimarc digital watermarks allow companies to anticipate future needs while taking advantage of packaging refreshes, regional roll outs, and other product digitization initiatives.

1.00 Trillion +

Physical and digital items that have carried Digimarc digital watermarks

54.00 %

Average improvement over DataMatrix codes in high-speed production line testing of various packaging types

22.00 Tons

Plastic waste one client was able to eliminate with the deployment of Digimarc watermarks on a single product

Gian De Belder

Procter & Gamble is proud to launch the first commercial products that integrate Digimarc digital watermarks with a focus primarily on improved detection in waste facilities and to help us meet our sustainability goals.

Gian De Belder Technical Director, Packaging Sustainability Procter & Gamble