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Webinar: Getting Organized: How to Create the Connected Package

In this webinar, leading innovators from McCormick, Sun-Maid and Wegmans share their experiences on getting started with GS1 US Mobile Scan and the DWCode.

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Webinar: Drivers of Change: 5 Reasons Why Brands Must Embrace Connected Packaging

In this webinar, industry leaders discuss five important trends that are driving more and more brands to look at “connected” packaging as the key centerpiece to a successful strategy.

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Digimarc Brand and Usage Guidelines

Download Digimarc's Brand Guidelines here for use in joint partner marketing materials.

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Webinar: Pirate Personas

A detailed look at profiles of the most common digital pirates, including age, education, and income level, motivations behind book piracy and common methods used for acquiring e-books illegally, and how they can be countered.

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Digimarc Overview for Printers & Converters

A brief guide and FAQ sheet for printers and converters who want to understand how Digimarc Barcode is applied to packaging and digital artwork.

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Webinar: Data Driven Strategies for Preventing Book Piracy

Experts from HarperCollins, GiantSteps Media and Digimarc examine trends in book piracy and offer best practices for developing an effective anti-piracy program.

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Product Transparency A to Z: What Every Brand Must Know

A comprehensive look at the product transparency movement with steps to help brands get started with connected packaging and more easily meet shopper demand for production information.

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Infographic: What Brands Must Know About Product Transparency

A quick look at six stats and facts brands must know to join the "product transparency revolution" and meet the needs of today's evolving shoppers.

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Blockchain & Watermarking for Identifying Digital Music

A new study reveals how blockchain combined with digital watermarking promises to help the music and entertainment industry address royalty tracking and music licensing in the digital age.

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Infographic: The Music Copyright Ecosystem

Get a snapshot of the two kinds of copyright holders in the music industry and all the various stakeholders, including top distributors, publishers and labels.

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Inside the Mind of a Book Pirate

A new report reveals who pirates free books, where they get them and how they think – data that can help publishers prevent theft.

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Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation

New research about retail technology spending shows stores are striving to innovate more than ever before. Download now and learn more about the reinvention of retail.

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Infographic: Investing in Technology

A new survey, part of a comprehensive research report by Planet Retail, reveals why retailers are ready to harness the power of digital transformation.

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Infographic: Understand the Content Consumers Crave

Research shows that product specifications, consumer reviews and usage instructions top the list of information shoppers most want in the store. Discover what consumers want to know right now, and be ready capitalize.

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Infographic: Global Trends in Digital Book Piracy

See our infographic for the latest trends in global piracy, including where piracy is most prevalent and which websites are the worst offenders.

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Winning Customer Loyalty in the Age of Product Transparency

This webinar explores the product transparency movement and what it means for brand owners now and in the future.

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Data-Driven Strategies for Preventing Book Piracy

The webinar covers the latest statistics on piracy trends, key components of a successful anti-piracy strategy and technology’s vital role as a deterrent.

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Know the 3 Types of Connected Packaging

There are advantages to each type of advanced packaging; choose the right type of connected packaging for your product.

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Bricks and Clicks Converging at Retail

Learn practical tips for applying new technologies to future-proof your packaging for the future of omnichannel retail.

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Intuitive Computing: Making Technology Easy

The successful technologies of tomorrow will be intuitive to use. Learn about Digimarc’s vision for making technology easier for everyone.

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Technology Overview: The Digimarc Architecture

Digimarc delivers a comprehensive set of technologies for identifying, discovering and interacting with digitally-enhanced media and objects.

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Connected Packaging That Speaks and Sells

Understand the factors driving adoption of enhanced product packaging, the technologies behind the revolution and key considerations for designers.

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5 Tips for Boosting Mobile Interaction

Learn insightful statistics on evolving shopper behavior and five easy ways to get your customers to engage with enhanced packaging and other media.

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Getting Started: Best Practices for Enhancing Your Packaging

Download our free guide to learn how to get started with connected packaging and gain a better understanding of the package enhancement process.

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Infographic: Shoppers Want More Information Faster

Nearly 80 percent of U.S. adults want more product information and crave fast access to mobile research when shopping, according to a Harris Poll study.

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Infographic: The Current State of the Retail Shopping Experience

An overwhelming majority (88 percent) of U.S. adults want their store checkout experience to be faster, according to a study by Harris Poll.

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Sales and Syntax: How app developers will reshape the future of retail

Explore the evolution of mobile engagement technology and how it will reshape the retail experience by delivering information that consumers want.

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