Our ESG Impact

Digimarc is committed to sustainable value creation, transparency, and alignment with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) best practices.


Our Commitment to ESG Integration

Digimarc’s ESG program is embedded in our strategy and culture, building on a long history of commitment to corporate responsibility. Effective management of our ESG impacts supports our ability to create enduring value for our stakeholders.

Our ESG Framework captures our most material ESG impacts across People, Product, and Planet. We emphasize Integration in our ESG approach by assigning accountability and responsibility for ESG impacts to Impact Owners and Impact Managers throughout our organization.

ESG Impact Report 2021

Our inaugural ESG Impact Report 2021 sets the baseline for Digimarc’s ESG strategy and aligns our disclosures with SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) Standards.

Find out how we identified our ESG priorities, how we create sustainable value by addressing complex societal challenges in our products, and about our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are proud to share our ESG Impact Report 2021 and look forward to the important steps we will take as a team in 2022.

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Read Edison’s Evaluation of our ESG Performance

Edison Investment Research benchmarked Digimarc against peers and analyzed transition opportunities and risks for the business.

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“We have the opportunity to be the world-leading provider of product digitization technology. By embedding ESG throughout our organization, our technology can help solve complex societal challenges, ranging from counterfeiting that threatens product safety and society’s trust in currency to opaque supply chains that impede improvements in areas such as ethical sourcing and the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of current plastic recycling technologies.” – Riley McCormack, CEO





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