Our Commitment

Developing innovative solutions and our people's talents to make communities better and our future more sustainable.


“Digimarc and its employees take social responsibility and commitment to our corporate values seriously. Whether it’s Digimarc employees volunteering in our local communities, our internal ‘Green Team’ focus on reducing Digimarc’s footprint, or the benefits of the Digimarc Platform, which can reduce food waste and potentially improve plastic recycling—we ‘walk the talk’ of corporate stewardship.” – Bruce Davis, Chairman & CEO

Forging a Sustainable Future

Corporate responsibility extends far beyond the importance of core business practices such as design and manufacturing, product development and marketing. We appreciate how our employees’ talents, resources and products can help promote a better future, both locally and across the world’s consumer goods supply chain. Challenging issues like climate change due to rising greenhouse gas emissions, the impact of plastic packaging on the environment and preserving and developing skills in science, technology, engineering and math concern both our leadership team and our employees.


Who We Are


Our employees understand that contributing to a sustainable future involves—not just creating innovative software and services—but paying attention to how we conduct everyday business in our cubicles, employee meeting rooms and break rooms. We’re proud of being a software company with limited GHG emissions and that our employees took the initiative and formed the “Green Team” to ensure our internal practices are sustainable and reflect our priorities and values.

The Digimarc Green Team is made up of employees from all departments and all levels of the company, and is dedicated to promoting internal Digimarc sustainability practices. For instance, it has implemented an Environmental and Climate Change Policy. Other key initiatives include:

  • Switched to 100 percent renewable wind energy, including electricity, heating and cooling, for our corporate office (98% of Digimarc employees work at this location).
  • Reduced our electricity usage at our corporate office by six percent from 2018 to 2019.
  • Reduced our water usage at our corporate office by 13 percent from 2018 to 2019.
  • Utilize Microsoft Azure for cloud hosting the majority of our data (Azure uses 99 percent less energy than traditional onsite IT infrastructure).
  • Replaced all conventional light bulbs in our corporate office with energy efficient bulbs to reduce GHG emissions
  • Eliminating company-provided plastic drinking cups, plastic straws and disposable coffee creamers; providing employees with reusable water bottle and lunch bag; and using washable dishware and silverware
  • Established recycling bins for paper, plastic and glass in our corporate office; purchasing 30 percent recycled paper for general use copying
  • Contacted food vendors to request orders that come with less food packaging
  • Recycle all of our old electronic equipment and batteries with certified recyclers; send toners back to manufacturer for recycling
  • Composting all of the food waste generated in our corporate office
  • Incentivizing employees to take public transportation to work or to carpool
  • Installing low-flush toilets to reduce water usage
  • Encouraging and supporting bicycling to work—including an employee bike challenge—and much more

We also want to see more trees and plants planted to help in the fight against climate change. Digimarc’s 2019 holiday cards contain seeds, so recipients can plant them inside or outside of the office. Our employees also donated and sold athletic shoes, the proceeds going to school children in Africa to buy seeds. And at EuroShop 2020, we participated in The Trillion Tree Campaign by donating a tree for each business card we received.


Digimarc supports and encourages employee volunteer activity in the community. Our employees have taken up the mantle of service and become vital leaders in a number of community programs. To encourage the volunteer and giving spirit, Digimarc matches employee donations to non-profit organizations and provides employees Volunteer Day-off (VTO) hours to assist a charitable organization of the employee’s choice. We also know that healthy employees make better and more active community members, so we utilize the Regence Empower Program to incentivize our employees to eat healthy and exercise.

Some of our activities and goals:

  • Help underserved students achieve skills and talents in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
  • Volunteer at organizations such as Habit for Humanity, In4All STEM Connect Program, Oregon Food Bank, Saturday Academy, MESA, Walk for Wishes and others
  • Partner with the Good Neighbor Center to donate excess food from company events and meetings
  • Support MECOP, a student internship collaboration with Oregon State University, connecting future professionals with real-work experience

Digimarc employees also participate in a number of annual blood and food drives, including Portland’s NBC KGW Channel 8’s Toy Drive.

Employee Development & Engagement

Digimarc is committed to the professional development and success of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers. We support training and development programs for our employees through tuition reimbursement, online training program such as LinkedIn Learning, conference, seminars, on-the-job training, and skill certifications. We also encourage and foster onsite training programs and mentoring. Digimarc also provides partners and suppliers online training and education modules through Center of Digimarc Education (CODE).

Digimarc is also committed to employee engagement and satisfaction. It is critical that we continue to communicate, mutually share information, and give each other candid and constructive feedback. One of the most important methods for us to obtain employee feedback is through our annual Employee Engagement Survey which solicits confidential feedback from all of our employees. The Executive team reads all of the feedback and discusses with their teams to identify areas of improvement. We are committed to this process of providing transparency to our employees and leaders.

Safety, Health & Compensation

Digimarc is dedicated to providing a safe, healthful work environment for all employees as outlined in our Safety and Health Policy. Digimarc’s compensation program is designed to pay all our employees fairly for their performance and contributions. We do this by balancing a wide variety of important internal and external factors (including geographical ones), aligned to our company culture and values. All employees are paid a living wage. See Compensation Philosophy.


The Digimarc Platform features products in the retail consumer brand sector that contribute to a more sustainable global economy. Digimarc Barcode on fresh food labels can help retail grocers to reduce food waste. Walmart, for example, is collaborating with Digimarc to take advantage of this application.

The Platform also holds the potential for impacting the product packaging post-consumption. Digimarc has pledged a commitment to improve the reliability and efficiency of sorting plastic waste, most notably signing the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, which is focused on building a Circular Economy for plastics. Read more on our recent progress and activities as part of our New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

Digimarc participated in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Pioneer Project HolyGrail, where Digimarc Barcode was shown in testing to overcome many current limitations in plastic sorting technology. Digimarc Barcode proved effective in technical trials in more accurately identifying recyclate plastics that could prevent their unnecessary disposal into landfills or incinerators.

Read articles and watch videos about Digimarc’s involvement in HolyGrail 2.0.

Manufacturing waste on the inspection line is also a major concern for many consumer brands and retailers. The Digimarc Platform delivers data redundancy that makes automatic identification of certain packaging components easier during manufacturing, supporting better quality control and reducing waste. Find out more.


The Digimarc Platform is a multisided platform connecting retailers, consumer brands and consumers in a series of mutually-beneficial relationships. By adopting the Platform—or collaborating with us—our partners and customers can help fulfill their own ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) missions.

The three core functions of the Digimarc Platform are identification, discovery and verification. By providing objects with an indelible, visually imperceptible data carrier—Digimarc Barcode—everyday objects and textures can be uniquely identified and validated (scanned) by machines and mobile devices.


Retailers are looking for new ways to combat shrink and food waste challenges in fresh products. Digimarc Barcode for fresh product labels allows associates to quickly identify the “reduced-to-clear” inventory and surface discounted, fresh items to consumers so they sell before expiring and are not discarded as waste.

Consumer Brands

Adding Digimarc Barcode to packaging reduces costly manufacturing errors, which force brands to discard countless mismatched items on the inspection line.

In addition, Digimarc Barcode on product packaging can improve plastic sorting at waste facilities, reducing the amount of plastic sent to landfills; Digimarc is working with TOMRA and leading consumer brands, such as Procter & Gamble, to revolutionize plastics recycling as part of the HolyGrail 2.0 project. This initiative complements the manufacturing quality control use case by offering consumer product manufacturers a sustainability benefit from the manufacturing stage to post-consumer recycling.

Read our manufacturing case study with Procter & Gamble.

Benefit to Partners

By partnering with Digimarc, companies can offer their customers value-added benefits that help contribute to sustainability. Some examples include:

  • Scale Manufacturers - By printing fresh labels with Digimarc Barcode, these companies can help retailers reduce food waste
  • Machine Vision & Barcode Detection Companies – Digimarc-enabled hardware helps brands and retailers optimize their supply chains and reduce waste
  • Premedia Companies - Help their customers add Digimarc Barcode to packaging, bringing with it all the benefits of waste reduction in manufacturing and future recycling benefits

We also want to work with partners that share our values. Our business partners are required to follow our equal employment opportunity policy.

Our Values


Innovate to make a difference


Maintain respectful relations with customers, partners, suppliers, Digimarc employees and communities


Work collaboratively with Digimarc employees, partners, suppliers and customers to solve problems and achieve goals


Exhibit honesty and integrity at all times


Dedicated to the success of our customers, partners, Digimarc employees and shareholders


Be experts in our fields





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