History of Digimarc




Opened offices in Cologne, Germany and Tokyo, Japan

Bizerba integrates Digimarc technology into its retail scales to print labels with Digimarc Barcode

WestRock Company collaborates with Digimarc and EVRYTHNG to launch connected packaging solution

100+ new patents issued in 2017, including compelling innovations in Digimarc Barcode enhancement and verification, augmented reality and machine learning


Began collaborating with GS1 US and GS1 Germany to accelerate adoption of the DWCode™

Digimarc Discover® Mobile SDK integrated into Rovio's "Angry Birds Action!®" game, a free download based on The Angry Birds Movie

Oregon-based grocery chain New Seasons Market® adopted Digimarc Barcode

Raised $40 million from secondary public offering

Partnered with leading retail scanner vendors: Zebra, Honeywell and NCR




Received Emmy Award® for Technology & Engineering, honoring the company's work in the entertainment industry

Wegmans Food Markets® became the first retail customer, enhancing its private-label products with the Digimarc Barcode

Increased investment in sales & market development and delivery of Digimarc Discover and Barcode


Partnered with Shazam® to allow its mobile app users discover content in print media

Set new Guinness World Record® for fastest time to scan and bag 50 grocery food items in 51.91 seconds, beating the previous record of 75 seconds

Joined the GS1 US Solution Partner Program to implement the Digimarc Barcode

Ranked number four in Oregon Business' "100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon"




Estimated downloads of third party-Digimarc enabled mobile apps exceeded 3 million


Partnered with Datalogic, a leading retail scanner vendor

Acquired Attributor Corporation®, a company specializing in content protection services for ebook piracy; service now known as Digimarc Guardian

Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue utilized Digimarc Discover for interactive content




Inaugurated the Digimarc Discover Online Services Portal, an online tool giving publishers and advertisers a method of easily enhancing printed materials with the Digimarc Barcode


Developed the Intuitive Computing Platform suite — featuring Digimarc Discover software — enabling computers to see, hear and engage with the world. This has evolved into today's Digimarc Barcode Manager where companies can manage and create barcodes




IEEE recognized Digimarc as having the third most valuable patent portfolio among software companies


Sold identification card business for $315 million and targeted new markets including content protection, media enhancement, and more




Teamed up with The Nielsen Company® to use watermarking technology for video content related to its media measurement business; the two companies are still partners today


Digimarc technology used to validate athlete credentials and prevent identity fraud at the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy




Launched Digimarc ImageBridge 2005 for advanced image identification and search capabilities


Digimarc named top-ranked among 25 fastest growing companies by Forbes magazine

Had become the largest user of fingerprint and facial matching technology other than the U.S. government as part of its driver license security business




Michigan issued the first enhanced U.S. driver license featuring Digimarc technology to ensure authenticity


Bruce Davis elected Chairman of the Board of Directors, beginning a 15-year tenure of stability




Featured in the book, Ten Stocks that Could Change the World, which highlighted Digimarc-based applications, and the book’s front cover was enhanced by a Digimarc digital watermark

Acquired a business division of Polaroid Corporation, using those assets to establish Digimarc ID Systems®, an identification card business that would eventually enhance driver licenses in 37 states


At the height of its influence, Wired became the first publisher to deliver a digitally-enhanced magazine featuring Digimarc technology




Went public with its Initial Public Offering (IPO), raised more than $90 million; listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange as DMRC

Launched MediaBridge® (the predecessor to Digimarc Barcode®), the world's first broadly deployed solution to seamlessly transport readers from printed media to web content


Signed multi-year contract with a consortium of banks to develop a global system deterring the creation and use of unauthorized digital copies of banknotes




Current CEO Bruce Davis named to the post. He had previously headed video game development companies, such as Activision®, and founded TV Guide on Screen, developing it as the leading electronic program guide for television

Awarded first digital-watermarking patent, part of a portfolio of nearly 1,100 patented innovations today


First venture funding totaling $4.5 million, more than any early-stage company had raised in Oregon in the prior decade

Adobe® became a principal Digimarc investor by acquiring 10% of the company

First product released: a software plug-in for applying digital watermarks to images, the first third-party add-on bundled with Adobe Photoshop® at the pinnacle of client software sales




Digimarc founded in Portland, Oregon with three employees as a spin-off of Signet®

Developed the company's first products for image copyright communication


Rhoads formed the company Signet® to focus on digital watermarking; the concept arose from his work removing noise from digital photos of deep space imaging




Digimarc® founder, astronomer and entrepreneur Geoff Rhoads, left electronics manufacturer Tektronix® and began research into space imagery and content protection