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Business Information and Updates

Can you provide an update on what's happening in your business and how it might affect your financial performance?

We appreciate your interest in Digimarc and your desire for updates on important developments that could affect our business and long-term performance. There are a number of legal factors that govern, and sometimes restrict, either by timing or amount, disclosure Digimarc can make to our shareholders. These include SEC disclosure regulations, the obligation to avoid "selective disclosure", confidentiality agreements with certain customers, and express restrictions and prohibitions by certain governments around the world for security or other reasons. There are also complex business processes that affect the timing of disclosure, including government proposal and contract processes, varying lengths of sales cycles (Digimarc tends to have long sales cycles with our governmental customers), and complex, confidential negotiations for commercial applications and licenses.

The number and timing of press releases should not be considered either an indicator of the level of activity in our business or a predictor of short term performance, any more than a flurry of immaterial activity should be equated with profitable output or sustained growth. As we have announced in our recent calls, our interest is to do the types of transactions that will lead to a consistent, predictable growth in revenue and profits. However, as a responsible public company, we are not in a position to pre-announce, provide any selective forward-thinking guidance on quarterly financial performance or transactions with which we may be involved in the near term. We do, however, provide meaningful long-term guidance on our anticipated financial performance, our progress in executing our strategic initiatives, and material developments that may affect either of these. Please check our website regularly for business updates, as well as our quarterly conference calls, for more information.

When will you be holding your earnings call? Can I get the call-in details?

The timing of our next earnings call and the webcast will be posted on our corporate website when it becomes available. If you would like an e-mail notice of quarterly conference calls, please let us know by contacting us. Details regarding accessing the audio webcast of the call will be made available 2-3 business days prior to the live call.

Can you give me an update on your technology? What does your technology do?

We have a broad array of advanced technologies that we employ in our business. The technologies that are suitable for public discussion are described in various places on our website such as the press room and investor-specific events and in our patents and patent applications. We are pioneers in digital watermarking and related technology and own numerous issued U.S. and foreign patents in this area.

With what companies do you currently partner and why?

We partner with dozens of companies. Digimarc partnerships span the breadth of Digimarc's offerings - from secure credential issuance and identity management to broadcast monitoring, media asset management and mobile commerce. These partnerships are critical to our business because they provide Digimarc with complementary technologies that we integrate with our own technologies to provide complete solutions to our customers, or they provide channels through which we market our solutions and IP. A complete description of companies we partner with can be found on Digimarc’s most recent quarterly report on Form 10-K.

Who are DMRC's primary competitors?

We have many competitors in identity management who provide all or part of the solutions our customers seek. In media and entertainment, we largely compete with alternative technologies, as most suppliers of digital watermarking-based solutions are business partners of ours. A complete description of companies we compete with can be found on Digimarc’s most recent quarterly report on Form 10-K.

Shareholder Information

What is Digimarc's dividend policy?

Digimarc is at a stage in its evolution that requires consistent investment to grow and develop emerging markets. Therefore, the company intends to use available cash to invest in expanding its market presence and does not anticipate paying a dividend in the foreseeable future.

What is Digimarc's trading symbol and on what market is it traded?

Digimarc is traded on the NASDAQ National market under the ticker "DMRC."

Who do I contact to help me with lost or stolen stock certificates, to transfer ownership of stock certificates, etc.?

All questions concerning stock certificates and ownership should be directed to Digimarc's transfer agent:
Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions
1155 Long Island Avenue
Edgewood, NY 11717
+1 866 321 8022
+1 720 378 5956 (International)

Who are the company's independent auditors?


Who is the company's outside legal counsel?

The company employs a number of law firms to assist its in-house lawyers. The selection of outside counsel is dependent upon the nature of the advice sought.

How can I buy stock in Digimarc?

You can buy or sell shares of Digimarc common stock through any registered broker dealer. The company does not offer a direct purchase plan at this time.

How many shares of Digimarc common stock are held by management, board members and corporate investors?

Information about holders of Digimarc common shares can be found in the Proxy Statement filed with the SEC and delivered to shareholders every April. The company's most recent Proxy Statement can be found here. Interim purchase or sale of shares by our directors and officers, including those related to the exercise of stock options, are disclosed through timely Form 4 filings with the SEC.

Help me understand how Digimarc recognizes revenue and expense pertaining to long-term contracts.

A complete discussion of significant accounting policies can be found in the company's most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K here.

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