Digimarc previewed our new algorithmic Signal Rich art concepts, showcasing the merger of technology and design, at Adobe MAX 2018.

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Striking Designs with Digital Signal

Signal Rich art represents a revolutionary advancement in the design approach, an innovative merger of form and function resulting in machine-readable codes contained within new, mathematically-derived textures and patterns. See an exclusive sneak peek of modern designs that are immensely powerful.

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Turn Color into Code

Designers can directly and digitally reach key audiences with connected commercial print materials including posters, marketing collateral and more. Download the Digimarc Barcode extension for Adobe Photoshop now.

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Discover Designs That Do More

Award-winning designer, Tad Carpenter, has partnered with Digimarc to create cutting-edge product packaging. At Adobe MAX we revealed “The Little Chef,” Tad’s fictional brand of pasta featuring Digimarc Barcode for more efficient retail operations and detailed product data.

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Learn Now in the Digimarc Lab

Give our technology a “test drive.” We adjust the brightness and intensity of colors to introduce a machine-readable code. Visit the interactive Digimarc Lab web page to understand key technical aspects of Digimarc Barcode, including strength, visibility and detection.

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“What excites me about Digimarc is how they solve problems through technology and design” – Tad Carpenter on Digimarc’s leadership at the confluence of art and science

Package Design as Art

The history of packaging is filled with iconic brands and designs. And, while designers including Tad Carpenter are forging ahead with new and innovative work, it’s vital to also learn from our legacy. Check out the “Birth of Packaging Design” today.

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