Digimarc at NRF 2019

NRF 2019 was a great success. Discover how Digimarc’s Retail Solutions benefit convenience stores, retail-grocers and warehouse retailers, all with low costs and less complexity.


Scale Faster Now, No Spendy Gear Needed

Shoppers want a seamless shopping experience with flexible checkout options. Retailers want digital and scalable solutions without the cost and complexity. Digimarc technology offers retailers a way to digitize the entire store while maintaining optimized store operations and competitive shopper prices.

We had a host of announcements at NRF this year. Find out more about our new apparel solution for retail, serialized packaging with Link from HP and a preview of a manufacturing solution.


Find Fresh Value in Labels

A Harris Poll-Digimarc survey of cashiers revealed that 79% of scanning issues are more common with fresh labels than on product packaging. Digimarc Barcode for Thermal Labels makes scanning more reliable by increasing first-pass read rate.

Better Labels

Making Checkout Easier & Safer

Easy and efficient checkout improves the customer’s experience and reduces cashier repetitive motion injuries. Digimarc Barcode for packaging ensures cashiers get a reliable scan without having to search and strain for a traditional barcode.

Easy Checkout

Advancing Apparel Hangtags

The "endless shelf" is a significant challenge for retailers and adding Digimarc Barcode to apparel hangtags helps shoppers scan for more details on sizes, in-stock availability or compatible styles. It's easy to link physical and digital stores and reliably scan hangtags, even when damaged or ripped.

Connected Hangtags

Digimarc Barcode shows a 30% increase in items scanned per minute (IPM) compared to the visible UPC barcode.

- Cashier Ergonomic Study by The University of Arkansas Exercise Research Center

Digitally-Engage Lawn & Garden Shoppers

Lawn and garden shoppers want to know about planting instructions, product care and how certain live goods will fare in particular environments. Adding Digimarc barcode to items such as plant tags and plant stakes, makes it easy for shoppers to scan for the info they need.