More Efficient & Sustainable Retail

NRF 2020 was a great success. Digimarc demonstrated how the Digimarc Platform helps retailers achieve their sustainability goals while remaining fast, efficient and responsive to shoppers.


Your ‘Fast, Fresh & Fashion Forward’ Retail Tech Platform

Visitors to the Digimarc booth found solutions to the challenges of shrink, food waste, consumer engagement for apparel, sustainable packaging, maximizing operational efficiencies, and much more. The Digimarc Platform offers retail tech and private label leaders one single Platform that delivers efficiencies across the store.


Reduce Shrink & Promote Sustainability

Shoppers today expect their retailers to reduce food waste and promote sustainability. Digimarc demonstrated how Digimarc Barcode for Fresh Product Labels can prevent unnecessary waste; how adding Digimarc to plastic packaging promises to improve recycling rates; how we can help eliminate lost sales resulting from label swapping, and more!

Reduce Label Shrink Recycling Solution 

Digital Apparel Powered by Digimarc

The NRF booth this year showcased how an imperceptible code on athletic jersey embellishments, shoeboxes, textiles and garment bags helps promote consumer engagement, improves pick-and-pack efficiency, enables track-and-trace and so much more.

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“We are working closely with Digimarc to innovate and apply new technologies that will aim to reduce waste, help improve our overall store operations, and improve customer experience.” - John Crecelius, Senior Vice President of Central Operations at Walmart, April 2019

78% Faster Inventory Management

Visitors discovered why packaging with Digimarc Barcode on shelves or in freezer cases is 78% faster to scan than the UPC/EAN barcode. Faster scanning helps save on energy costs and improves inventory accuracy.

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Improve IPM Rates

The Exercise Science Research Center at the University of Arkansas conducted a study that proved Digimarc Barcode on packaging results in a 30% increase in IPM (Items Scanned Per Minute) compared to the UPC/EAN.

University Tested

Digimarc at Microsoft’s U.S. & German Retail Tech Centers

Microsoft and Digimarc have a long history of collaboration and now this includes retail demos of the Digimarc Platform at tech centers in Europe and North America.

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Birth of a ‘Connected Dress’

We showcased two connected dresses at Adobe MAX 2019 designed by former Nike designer Edward Harber. The dresses were made with fabric enhanced with Digimarc, for the purpose of connecting consumers with manufacturing information and additional styling options.





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