Key Capabilities for Apparel Companies

Digimarc supports all types of digital identities (QR codes, RFID, NFC, etc.) and delivers a one-to-one relationship with consumers.

digital watermarks, QR codes, NFC, or RFID tags
One ID, Multiple Applications

Deploy any combination of identification tags, such as digital watermarks, QR codes, NFC, or RFID tags, and drive various applications across the product lifecycle from a single digital identity. 

Create a powerful direct-to-consumer channel
Create a powerful direct-to-consumer channel

Gain consumer insight by personalizing your products with dynamic content experiences and DTC services like loyalty rewards or ecommerce reordering. Collect valuable first-party consumer insights in the process.

consumer engagement data
Context-Aware Engagement

Deliver different content and application experiences based on real-world factors like location, time, day or user profile, and view consumer engagement data from analytics dashboards.

Customer Success

Global apparel brands, from luxury fashion to sportswear, are creating competitive advantage with Digimarc.


"The engagement with our hang tags continues to grow. We now have real-time data points that show exactly what products our customers are engaging with most, which we didn’t have before. This has allowed us to shift our conversations with customers."

Jennifer Patrick Global Packaging & Branding Director Patagonia

See How Ralph Lauren Engages Consumers

QR codes deliver a connected product experience for consumers.

Ralph Lauren Digital Apparel for Consumer Engagement