Connect Your Physical & Digital Stores

Digimarc Barcode can help brick-and-mortar retailers seamlessly merge the in-store experience with ecommerce, providing customers an "endless shelf." 


Digimarc Solution for Apparel

Shoppers today have high expectations for item availability, style recommendations and product details. Apparel hangtags enhanced with Digimarc Barcode allow customers to scan products in store, linking them to your ecommerce site, and store associates to your inventory management system. Digimarc Barcode is an advanced, machine-readable code that contains the same data as UPC/EAN symbols or QR codes and allows for more reliable and efficient scanning by cashiers and shoppers with phones.


Reliable Cashier Scanning

Reliable hangtag scanning at checkout improves your customers’ experience. Hangtags with Digimarc Barcode are reliable and efficient due to data redundancy, will scan even when ripped or damaged and support easy checkout at the front of store. 

Meet Shoppers’ Expectations

Shoppers expect a seamless experience between physical stores and eccommerce sites for access to all products in various colors and sizes. Digimarc Barcode makes it easy for shoppers with mobile phones to scan apparel hangtags for access to products unavailable in-store, delivery options, and style recommendations.

Inventory Management

Store associates are increasingly using mobile devices in the showroom, and by adding Digimarc Barcode to hangtags, associates can easily scan apparel for improved inventory management.

‘Connected Clothing’ in Retail

Digimarc technology offers retailers a way to easily provide consumers with easy-access to detailed product information. Watch a short video to see how Digimarc Barcode is utilized in retail.

Retail Tech for the Whole Store

From the front of store to center aisles, Digimarc Barcode delivers greater efficiency for retailers. The advanced barcode offers features and benefits that are entirely unavailable when using traditional barcodes and QR codes.

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