Certainty, Efficiency & Sustainability

The Digimarc Platform helps apparel retailers, brands and manufacturers demonstrate product authenticity and improve engagement.


Digimarc Platform for the Apparel Industry

Consumers today increasingly expect complete product transparency, sophisticated style recommendations and an omnichannel, unified buying experience. By adopting The Digimarc Platform and adding digital connectivity to apparel, footwear shoeboxes and hangtags, retailers and manufacturers enable shoppers to scan products in store, linking them to an “endless shelf” on an e-commerce site or product information, as well as help store associates with mobile devices more efficiently tackle inventory management tasks.


Reliable Hangtag Scanning

Reliable hangtag scanning at checkout improves the customer experience. Hangtags with Digimarc Barcode are reliable and efficient due to data redundancy and will scan even when ripped or damaged.

Eliminate Plastic Polybags

Apparel retailers and clothing manufacturers are focused on eliminating plastic polybags, and replacing them with sustainable alternatives made from paper. Glassine (paper) bags with Digimarc Barcode can make the inventory management, pick-and-pack and shipping processes easier, allowing for fast and efficient scanning.

Connected Apparel & Footwear Boxes

Adding Digimarc Barcode to apparel embellishments, such as the names and numbers on sports jerseys, makes it easy for fans to scan jerseys for more information on their favorite players and teams. When added to footwear boxes, Digimarc Barcode makes it easy for shoppers to authenticate their footwear, as well as help store associates improve inventory management.

Consumers Cringe at Slow Checkout

A new Digimarc-sponsored study conducted by Forrester reveals long lines and slow checkout not only damage customer satisfaction but can cause shoppers to buy less or even leave empty-handed. Find out how retailers can leverage checkout speed to keep shoppers coming back.

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Retail Tech for the Whole Store

From the front of store to center aisles, Digimarc Barcode delivers greater efficiency for retailers. The advanced barcode offers features and benefits that are entirely unavailable when using traditional barcodes and QR codes.

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