A Digital Twin for Everything

Make every item you sell trackable and transparent with the flexibility to mix and match many types of tags, from digital watermarks and QR codes, to NFC, RFID and Bluetooth. EVRYTHNG® Product Cloud integrates information from product information management (PIM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), finance, marketing, and other systems, enabling you to more effectively collect product intelligence companywide. 

Product Digitization Journey
End-to-End visibility
End-to-End Visibility

Drive supply chain, brand protection, and item-level targeting all from the same digital identity. Leverage data intelligence throughout the product lifecycle from factory to consumer for unprecedented visibility. 

Centralized Data
Centralized Data

Benefit from the aggregation of data in one centralized product cloud for greater control and simplicity.

Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights

Use analytics and real-time data intelligence to drive decisions, automate actions, and engage customers.

Key Capabilities

Identity Management

Assign unique, secure digital identities to products to make them programmable and intelligent with open application programming interfaces (APIs), security permissions, and standards-based data models for easy sharing with any application or device. 

Identity Management

Rules-Based Intelligence

Enable consumer insights and drive automated business processes from engagement with the same code and underlying URL, using factors including geo-location, time, or date.

Rules Based Intelligence

Ecosystem Connectivity

Seamlessly integrate the EVRYTHNG® Product Cloud with ERP, manufacturing, supply chain, and marketing systems to create an item-centric view of your products.

Ecosystem Connectivity

Blockchain Integration

Leverage templated integrations with various blockchain providers, allowing you to test and learn with distributed ledger technologies.

Blockchain Integration

Explore Our Solutions

Brand Integrity
Digimarc® Brand Integrity

Guard your business reputation by ensuring product authenticity, identifying counterfeits, and detecting diverted goods with a solution that also delivers product and supply chain data you need to make important decisions about your products and their future.

Digimarc® Recycle

Help waste facilities improve recycling by sorting recyclable materials more accurately than ever and communicate directly with consumers about how to recycle products and support your sustainability goals.

Consumer Engagement
Digimarc® Consumer Engagement

Engage consumers with interactive web experiences for a direct dialogue. Deliver product information, care instructions, coupons and more. Those interactions also provide crowdsourced information to pinpoint the location of fakes or diverted goods and reveal new recycling and supply chain insights.

See Everything, Achieve Anything™

With visibility into everything, you gain critical intelligence to guide you in ensuring authenticity, reducing costs, increasing operational agility, and improving circularity at every step along the supply chain. Get started today.