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Through Digimarc's value-added reseller (VAR) program, you can leverage the power of Digimarc's Illuminate platform to augment your existing expertise to develop the types of digital solutions your customers demand.

As a print supplier, converter, or a reseller, your clients need to digitize every product. The Digimarc Illuminate Platform enables you to offer connected packaging and secure labels that reveal intelligence inside.

Secure and Reliable Product Authentication

In the face of aggressive and sophisticated counterfeit threats, brands are demanding more from their label printing partners. Augment your anti-counterfeiting portfolio by bolstering vulnerable analog security features with a covert, natively-digital solution.

Differentiated Security
Differentiated Security

Analog security features such as special inks and holograms have been around for many years and are increasingly being circumvented by bad actors. Offer your clients a new digital solution that leverages covert, proprietary technology that’s highly secure and integrates easily with other technologies.

Actionable Authenticity
Actionable Authenticity

Digimarc detection software is easy to install and compatible across a various devices and applications, making it easy for manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers, and other third parties to validate authenticity throughout your customers’ supply chain.

Digital Security on Demand
Digital Security on Demand

Digimarc provides artwork enhancement tools, verification software and flexible training to get digital watermarks quickly integrated into your label security portfolio and in the hands of your clients as soon as they need it. No special equipment or infrastructure upgrades required.

Support Deposit Return System Integrity

Help your clients support the integrity of recycling deposit return systems (DRS) by protecting product packaging against counterfeiting with covert digital watermarks that instantly prove authenticity. The Digimarc Illuminate platform enables value added resellers and other solutions providers to deliver a powerful digital layer of security that helps circumvent the potential for fraudulent deposit fee claims – and differentiate your business from competitors.

A Digital Twin for Everything

Product Digitization Journey

VAR Success Story

Carrie Giaimo, Vice President of Digital Business Development at Sealed Air

“By combining Digimarc’s leading product digitization platform and watermarking technology with our new digital printing and packaging solution, prismiq, and our proven packaging expertise, we are expediting our digital packaging efforts to deliver a complete, end-to-end solution for brands and consumers."

Carrie Giaimo Vice President of Digital Business Development Sealed Air