The Barcode of Everything

Digimarc Barcode is a proprietary method for imperceptibly enhancing packaging, images and audio with data that is detected by enabled devices, such as phones, computers, barcode scanners and machine-vision equipment.


Consumer Goods

Digimarc leverages GS1 global product identification standards to create more reliable and efficient barcodes on product packaging, hang tags and more.

Usage in Consumer Goods
icon labels


Digimarc unobtrusively repeats data across the entire surface of any thermal-printed label to help improve operational efficiencies.

Inside our Labeling Solution
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Commercial Print

Digimarc Barcode digitally activates any visual content, such as advertising and promotional signs, posters, magazines and images.

Usage in Print
icon audio


Digimarc’s technology integrates directly into audio files to identify and maintain important metadata, as well as to distinguish between individual versions of the same audio content.

Usage in Audio
icon digital media

Digital Media

Digimarc Barcode provides a method for identifying copyrighted content and helping mitigate unauthorized use.

Usage in Digital Media
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Secure Documents

Digimarc has been a long-time provider of technology to support authentication and deter unauthorized copies of secure identity and value documents.

Usage in Secure Documents

“Helping provide the ultimate consumer experience.” – GS1, Laura DiSciullo, SVP Solutions

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