Digital Watermarks for Total Transformation

Built on a patented foundation, Digimarc watermarks provide an imperceptible digital identity for packaging and other objects to transform your business.

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Digital Watermarking: A Business Revolution

Digimarc is a long-time pioneer of digital watermarking techniques, and we have proudly advanced the technology over the years. Digimarc released its first product in 1996, a software plug-in for applying digital watermarks to protect images. The product became the first third-party, add-on bundled with Adobe Photoshop. In 1997 we received our first of many digital watermarking patents.

This expertise led to the application of imperceptible Digimarc watermarks to product packaging that contain industry-standard GTIN numbers that are also found in UPC barcodes. Digimarc watermarks are repeated many times throughout product packaging artwork, making scanning much more efficient than traditional visual barcodes. Digimarc watermarks provide a number of key benefits, including sustainability, brand protection and consumer engagement.



Brand Integrity

Digimarc on packaging serves as a critical layer in a successful anti-counterfeiting strategy, helping consumer brands ensure the integrity of goods while preserving their reputation in the marketplace.


Industrial trials show Digimarc watermarks can improve the automated sorting of recyclable plastic waste to help reduce environmental pollution. Digimarc is committed to reducing plastic waste globally and is working in partnership with plastics industry associations and international recycling organizations.

Consumer Engagement

Digimarc’s consumer engagement solution creates a direct digital dialogue between consumers and brands, while generating valuable customer insights.

How We Apply the Watermark

Digimarc watermarks are applied within individual color channels, or ink separations, where the changes are visible. However, the combined composite image contains unobtrusive watermarks.

Click the button below to see how enhanced color channels seamlessly combine.

How Much We Adjust the Art

The degree to which colors are adjusted for Digimarc watermarks is known as the enhancement strength. Higher strength levels enable devices to detect Digimarc watermarks more effectively.

Adjust the slider below to see how enhancement strength affects visibility.

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Try Scanning Digimarc for Yourself

Use the Digimarc Discover app to experience how Digimarc-enhanced media can deliver a wide range of benefits, including brand protection, efficiency, and more.

Download the Digimarc Discover app:

Download the Digimarc Discover app from the Apple App store Download the Digimarc Discover app from the Google Play store

The example package below carries a GTIN (global trade identification number), typically found in EAN/UPC barcodes. Scan with Digimarc Discover and tap the card that appears.

Cilantro Lime Rice box enhanced with Digimarc Barcode





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