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Everyone wins with faster checkout

Digimarc is a GS1 US Solution Provider

Digimarc® Barcodes significantly reduce the time your customers spend in checkout lanes. How? By eliminating the need to hunt for the barcode before scanning each item. We or our certified service provider, SGS International, imperceptibly embed the product’s UPC/EAN data across the entire surface of its packaging.

The package becomes the barcode. Better yet, shoppers can scan Digimarc-enabled packaging with a mobile device to instantly engage online with brands.

Digimarc Barcode Benefits


  • Lower costs by speeding up checkout
  • Provide richer shopping experiences
  • Fight barcode swapping


  • Inform and engage mobile-enabled customers
  • More attractive packaging
  • 100% brand protection


  • Faster checkout
  • Better shopping experience
  • Instant access to mobile content

How Digimarc® Barcodes Work

We repeatedly embed the item’s UPC/EAN data across the entire surface of the package. In fact, this data is repeated on a typical cereal box over 400 times! The Digimarc Barcode is imperceptible to the human eye, but when scanned by a Digimarc-enabled POS scanner, it behaves exactly like a traditional UPC symbol. When customers scan a Digimarc-enabled package with their mobile devices, they can instantly engage with the brand’s mobile web content. View this video for more information.

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