A Solution Proven to Reduce Waste

Digimarc Recycle allows brand owners to increase sustainability by digitizing products and packaging with technology proven to achieve 99% detection. Coupled with consumer engagement capabilities, brands can deliver a direct, digital communications channel with consumers. And, retain a cloud-based record of recycling information that provides new insights.

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Advantages of Acting Now

Digimarc Recycle delivers plastic recycling solutions that transform the sustainability of your packaging. Learn how your business and stakeholders benefit today – and tomorrow. 

  • Unique digital identities for your products that interact with digital devices
  • Direct digital communication channel with consumers
  • Cloud-based record of current and historical recycling information
  • Digital watermarks for labels and packaging (2D) and substrates (3D)
  • Unlimited, extensible product attributes
  • Retain current workflows; no special inks, chemicals, materials or processes required
  • Accurate high-speed detection even with damaged or soiled products and packaging
  • Lead the industry toward global reduction in plastic waste
  • Increase detection accuracy with maximum watermark coverage
  • Measure environmental impact to support ESG commitments
  • Comply with increasing regulations, fees, and taxes
  • Receive higher quality postconsumer recyclate
  • Gain new data insights about the product lifecycle and usage
  • Educate consumers and incentivize recycling with consumer engagement campaigns
  • Address stakeholder concerns, improve brand perception, and build brand equity

Direct-to-Consumer Communications

Now you can enjoy a direct communications channel with consumers wherever they interact with your product – in store, at home, or on the go. When scanned with a smartphone, digitized products can deliver recycling instructions or sustainability content to users of your products, the people who matter most.  

Direct-to-Consumer Communications

​​​​​​​Access to Powerful Insights

Digimarc Recycle features dashboards with access to powerful new data on post-purchase consumer behavior and the recyclability of your products and packaging. A multitude of views reveal total volume of products recycled by location and time, enabling brands to compare recycling rates of multiple products and variants and assess plastic recycling trends over time for new insights.

​​​​​​​Access to Powerful Insights

Sustainability Stakeholders

Many important audiences are seeking solutions to waste and stand to benefit from better recycling. 


Craving recyclable products, and embracing brands that support their values 


Increasing regulation, fees, tariffs and taxes to drive change 


Amplifying the desire for change and exposing brands that are slow to act​ 


Demanding brands meet sustainability commitments and reduce reputational risk 

end to end

Seeking solutions that support larger quantities of higher quality recyclate to sell

The World is Watching

Influential initiatives around the world are driving positive change by embracing Digimarc Recycle now.

HolyGrail 2.0

HolyGrail 2.0 trial demonstrates effectiveness of digital watermarks in recycling, with an average detection rate of 99 percent.

Circular Plastic Taskforce

The Circular Plastic Taskforce launches pilot with Digimarc to optimize sortation of flexible packaging in Canada, a North American first.

Digimarc Recycle Pricing

Number of Digital Twins
Effective Annual Price Per Digital Twin (US $)
>300M - 500M Items
>500M - 1B Items
1,001 to 2,500
2,501 to 5,000
5,001 to 10,000
10,001 to 20,000

Pricing subject to Digimarc’s standard terms and conditions.


  • A Digital Twin is created for each unique set of items; can be per SKU (GTIN) or more specific (e.g., GTIN + variant) to provide desired data granularity
  • Annual subscription offered by applicable Digital Twin tier, not per Digital Twin
  • Smaller companies interested in getting started, contact us for pricing tiers <1,001 Digital Twins and/or <300M items
  • Pricing periodically evaluated and subject to change

Complete Your Digital Transformation

The leader in product digitization, Digimarc exclusively offers the Digimarc Product Cloud to aggregate product information and interaction events, compile data about the product journey, and analyze new intelligence your business can proactively leverage for success. Take the first step toward completing your digital transformation initiative by digitizing your products. 

See Everything, Achieve Anything™

With visibility into everything, you gain critical intelligence to guide you in ensuring authenticity, reducing costs, increasing operational agility, and improving circularity at every step along the supply chain. Get started today.