Study: How Technology Solves the Music Licensing and Royalty Payment Puzzle

New Study: Fixing the broken record: addressing the music industry's royalty payment problem

Each year major labels, recording artists, songwriters and music publishers leave millions on the table in the form of unclaimed royalties. In a world where listeners consume digital music in multiple ways, longstanding methods of licensing and compensating rights holders are now outdated.

Blockchain technology has recently emerged as a method for more accurately tying music to its rights holders, and helping them get paid and limit lawsuits. A new Digimarc-sponsored study reveals:

  • The many challenges with copyright and music
  • The changing relationship among artists, songwriters and streaming services
  • How identifiers can link sound recordings to musical compositions
  • Why people believe blockchain may revolutionize music and copyright
  • Why blockchain alone is deficient without accurate audio identification
  • How Digimarc Barcode addresses important issues for the entertainment industry

Download the free report now along with an infographic featuring the music copyright ecosystem.

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30 minute read time

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Invest just 30 minutes and discover how blockchain and digital watermarking will help more music publishers get paid.





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