White Paper: Mitigating the Problem of Deepfake Videos

Concerns about the authenticity of news (text, audio, and video) distributed over the internet have reached an all-time high. In the past, people trusted news that came from reputable newspapers and trustworthy Radio/TV stations. But this trust is quickly eroding owing to the pervasiveness of “deepfakes,” digitally altered videos meant to look legitimate that spread across social networks.  

In this paper*, senior researchers at Digimarc describe how watermarking technology can be used to prevent proliferation of Deepfake news. In the proposed system, digital watermarks are embedded in audio and video tracks of video clips of trusted news sources at the time the videos are captured or before they are distributed.

The paper specifically describes how the watermarking and detection system can:

  • Identify deepfake videos on social media sites using unique identifiers and blockchains
  • Convey information such as source tracking, integrity verification and alteration localization
  • Serve as standalone software applications or be integrated with other applications

The paper also includes proof of concept (POC) simulation results demonstrating the efficacy of the proposed system.

* Published by IS&T in the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Electronic Imaging, Science and Technology 2020, and made available at imaging.org

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