Drivers of Change: 5 Reasons Why Brands Must Embrace Connected Packaging


It’s undeniable that consumer behavior is rapidly changing. Surveys reveal that shoppers today expect choice, convenience, and easy access to information. What doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the important role product packaging plays in this evolving consumer landscape. In fact, advancements in technology should place the package at the very center of the shopping experience. Whether being scanned by a consumer’s smart phone, a point-of-sale scanner or a sophisticated machine vision system, connected packaging can improve checkout efficiency, modernize the supply chain and put product information at a consumer’s fingertips.

In this webinar, industry leaders discuss five important trends that are driving more and more brands to look at “connected” packaging as the key centerpiece to a successful strategy.

Dan Buckman, VP, Customer Solutions, WestRock
Bob Taylor, Senior Systems Architect, HP
Laura DiSciullo, Senior VP of Marketing and Product Management, GS1 US
Heidi Dethloff, VP of Marketing, Digimarc

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