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Fighting Food Fraud: Lessons from Honey, Seafood and Beyond

Fighting Food Fraud

As food supply chains become increasingly complex and globally distributed, the ability to provide consumers with transparency of the product journey becomes extraordinarily difficult. This is particularly true if these supply chains rely on outdated methods to record and share critical information about the production, manufacturing, and distribution processes. Without the ability to know where a product came from there is no way to validate claims made about the origin of that product. Studies have shown that nearly 40% of all seafood in the United States was mislabeled and around one-third of all globally traded honey is adulterated or fake. Not only do such misrepresentations present a major risk to customers, but they also strain legitimate producers whose businesses rely on being able to offer real products at a price point that reflects genuine ingredients.

Please join us for an engaging session featuring firsthand perspectives on how food manufacturers can ensure the integrity of food while preserving brand reputation. The webinar will specifically cover:

  • Research on the scope of food fraud and which industries are most affected
  • Specific impacts of food fraud in the honey industry
  • Ways brands combat the challenge today and the pros/cons of those strategies
  • How data can be used more effectively to track and validate product claims
  • Best practices and technology considerations

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