The History of Packaging

The story began 3,500 years ago in Egypt with glass and continued with mulberry bark containers in China and Napoleon’s push for canned food. Design and branding entered the story in the 1890s when NABISCO created the first branded consumer package. In our time, plastic is packaging’s workhorse, and recycling, increased branding capabilities and serialized packaging are making headlines.

Chapter One:

The Evolution of Packaging Materials

Packaging began with simple containers for transporting food. Find out how glass, gourds and tin cans led to a generation of cereal boxes, cellophane packs and beer cans with pop tops.

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Chapter Two:

The Birth of Packaging Design

Food, beverages and consumer goods were largely sold in unbranded sack clothes, glass bottles and tin containers until the late 19th Century. Discover how and when package branding and design changed everything.

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Chapter Three:

The State of Packaging Today

Find out how the demand for more recycling options, better packaging efficiencies and serialized packaging is driving innovation today.

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