Digimarc Digest - September 2017

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Amazon has begun lowering prices at Whole Foods, which has big implications for the organic supply chain. Find out what this means for retailers.  Email not displaying correctly?
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Digimarc Digest
Organics have gone mainstream, retailers are looking at tech training and image scanners are becoming a more common sight at checkout. What does it all mean? Find out in this month's edition of Digimarc Digest.   
Find Savings in Organic Supply Chain
Amazon has begun lowering prices at Whole Foods, despite the natural food product supply chain being notoriously costly. See how retailers can find savings from increased efficiencies in this area.
Train Up Associates on Mobile
Retailers are investing in mobile solutions to improve the customer experience and stay competitive, but sometimes associate training is overlooked. Check out some best practices.

Why Retailers Are Choosing Image Scanners

Retailers are increasingly choosing to switch from laser scanners to image area scanners in their front ends. Find out why they're making the change.
Digimarc in the Dugout
The MLB manually authenticates over 500,000 baseballs each year. Imagine an easier, more efficient method. We did.
Unmasking Book Pirates
Are you up on your book pirate profiles? Download a handy guide and understand who is pirating books and why.
What We're Reading
Surviving the new era of retail requires a distinct identity. See what retailers are doing today and what's next. 
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