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Watermarks for Plastics Recycling: Accelerate from Planning to Action

Watermarks for Plastics Recycling

Higher environmental consciousness by regulators, investors, and consumers is driving demand for improved recycling solutions. The world wants to ensure valuable resources remain in circularity and out of landfills, but identifying which materials are recyclable is challenging for businesses and consumers alike.  

Innovative solutions, like digital watermarks, help improve recycling sortation issues while also increasing traceability. There is little doubt about the efficacy of digital watermarking as demonstrated in numerous trials and studies; now the question is: What will motivate organizations to deploy watermarks at commercial scale? 

Experts will demystify digital watermarking by explaining how it works, why it performs better than alternative approaches, and the process for getting started.

  • Learn about the unique benefits of digital watermarks over other sorting methods 
  • How digital watermarks help distinguish food versus non-food grade plastics 
  • Key learnings and takeaways from the European recycling initiative, Holy Grail 2.0 
  • The evolving state of proposed regulations, taxes, and fees that are prompting brands to address this challenge proactively 
  • Practical steps for integrating digital watermarks into existing packaging workflows 

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