Why Trust is the New Imperative

How Transparency and Traceability Build Trust, Brand Protection and Customer Loyalty


Research by one of the world’s top public relations agencies shows that today’s consumers expect easy access to information and people increasingly value companies that improve economic and social conditions in the communities where they operate.

While trust can be an elusive and evolving trait, technology now plays a larger role than ever to ensure trust in your brand. Specifically, product transparency solutions enable instant access to product ingredients, manufacturing practices and other information that shoppers care deeply about. And, brand protection solutions enable consumer brands to track and trace where products originated to quickly identify counterfeit and diversion activity and rapidly initiate product recalls when there is a problem that could erode consumer confidence.

Join experts from HP, Edelman and Digimarc for this free one-hour webinar and discover why: 

  • Transparency provides savvy shoppers with confidence in your products and practices
  • The ability to track and authenticate products anytime and anywhere in the supply chain increases trust
  • Ensuring consumers and partners trust your brand is an important differentiator today

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