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Why Sustainable Apparel Starts with Digitizing What We Wear


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Sustainability initiatives in the apparel industry have long struggled overcoming a lack of transparency into the materials used for production and an inability to trace items as they traverse the supply chain. These challenges have been magnified by the historical complexities and technical limitations of digitizing garments. Today, an increasing number of leading apparel brands are considering how new, innovative product digitization solutions can support their ambitious sustainability goals.

Join experts from iconic apparel brand Patagonia, sustainable fashion leader Another Tomorrow, and product digitization pioneer Digimarc/EVRYTHNG as they dive deep into why embracing product digitization is critical in a world where circularity is the goal.

Our panelists will answer the following important questions:

  • Why does the apparel industry need to embrace product digitization today?
  • How can brands engage consumers in recycling and sustainability initiatives directly through the garments they purchase and wear?
  • How are leading brands achieving full visibility into every product’s journey through the supply chain?

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