Attacks on your brand have never been more numerous or costly. Find out how to fight counterfeiting and the assault on brand identity by downloading this original Digimarc white paper.

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Fight Back Against Counterfeit & Diverted Products

Counterfeiters use authentic product images to sell knockoffs and diverted products online. By utilizing generic top-level domains (gTLDs)—common domains like “.com” that consumers trust—counterfeiters can now quickly and easily list and re-list products and images on authentic looking websites. Digimarc helps brands fight back by offering Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images in conjunction with web crawl services. Digimarc Barcode is an imperceptible code that is easy-to-implement and provides persistent brand protection for your images that is superior to visible watermarks or fingerprinting solutions.

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Complete Your Strategy

Digimarc Barcode is an indispensable layer to your anti-counterfeiting and brand protection strategy. Use Digimarc Barcode to prove ownership of assets to expedite the forensic analysis and take-down process.

Combine with Top Surveillance

We partner with PhishLabs, a leading surveillance company, to deliver image-specific crawling services on public websites for greater insight into how your brand appears to others—so you can take action.

Works with Image-Based Sites

Some counterfeit websites avoid HTML copy (text), instead relying solely on images, making them much harder to detect through traditional web crawlers. Our image watermarking technology upends these counterfeiting tactics.

Gaining Control Over Content Assets

Widen, a content technology company, integrated Digimarc technology into its image protection solutions, enabling customers to track assets, monitor and report on instances of infringement and protect themselves legally.

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Securing Assets at Almost Any Size

Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images remains effective even through file resizing and other image manipulations, providing superior survivability. See why the protection persists.