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Ensure your products are real, identify fakes, and reveal important supply chain insights with the Digimarc® Brand Integrity solution.

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Premium Brand Protection

Digimarc delivers sophisticated covert and overt protection for physical products, packaging, and digital assets, providing a crucial – and comprehensive – layer that supports anti-counterfeiting strategies to ensure product integrity and preserve brand reputation.

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Consumers Deserve Your Real Products

Sophisticated counterfeit schemes expose companies and consumers to inferior products. Mitigate risk and maintain your reputation by ensuring product authenticity.

Credibility is Crumbling

Counterfeit and diverted goods impact trade, jobs, and brand reputation. Demand is high for anti-counterfeit packaging, and Digimarc offers an effective, differentiated solution built on an expanding platform.

No Supply Chain Insight

Millions of products around the world lack any digital presence, leaving companies in the dark about the lifecycle of their products. Digimarc illuminates dark corners in the supply chain.

Decentralized Product Data

Without a singular source for product data, companies lack actionable intelligence about several product attributes. Digimarc delivers more data for insights-based brand integrity.

Proactive Brand Protection

The Digimarc Brand Integrity solution combines digital authentication methods with crowdsourced information for new insights through data analysis, empowering a more proactive approach to brand protection.

3.3% Counterfeit products make up 3.3% of global trade and over 5% of EU exports
5.4 M Over 5 million jobs will be put at risk by counterfeiting and piracy in 2022
$5.3 B The value of the authentication and brand protection market is forecast to reach $5.3B by 2028

Powerful Capabilities to Ensure Your Credibility


Authenticate Products with Ease

Brand inspectors, consumers, and customs agents alike can verify product authenticity in-person or across the world by a web browser on your computer or phone, mobile app or APIs, no special equipment required. Save time, cut costs, and expand your reach.


Insights-Based Brand Integrity

Brands can gain more in-depth insight into products and make informed decisions about their products' future with our solution, which creates a digitized version of each product and delivers intelligence in the cloud. Gain new counterfeiting insights to illuminate the problem and better protect your brand.


Unrivaled Anti-Counterfeit Protection

Unlike overt measures, Digimarc covert watermarks easily confirm the credibility of real products without attracting attention. And, only Digimarc offers multifactor authentication combining our imperceptible digital watermarks with serialized QR codes for exponentially more powerful protection.


Crowdsourced Counterfeit Identification

Our solution leverages scans from around the world and a proprietary algorithm to pinpoint the location of counterfeit goods so your customers can avoid them.

Industry Specific Insights

Apparel & Beauty Fashion and beauty have long been plagued by fakes, but serialized QR codes and watermarks keep your brand safe and consumers loyal and in style.
Automotive & Aerospace Aftermarket parts are commonly counterfeit and have huge consequences for the health and safety of consumers and their communities.
Food & Beverage What we ingest can be harmful if inauthentic, and you need to mitigate the risk of lawsuits and erosion of brand loyalty from fake products that don’t face the same scrutiny.
Consumer Goods Bogus cosmetics and skincare products are not just harmful to the consumer but to a brand’s reputation. With multifactor authentication, you can keep them both safe.
Pharmaceutical Counterfeit pharmaceuticals can be life-threatening to consumers and may lead to legal action. Protect your brand with our unrivaled anti-counterfeit protection.

See Everything, Achieve Anything

Greater product visibility helps you ensure authenticity, integrity, and operational agility along the supply chain. With Digimarc, you can see everything and achieve anything.

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