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Protect your brand and consumers with Digimarc Product Authentication & Anti-Counterfeiting.

Premium Brand Protection

Digimarc delivers sophisticated covert and overt protection for physical products, packaging, and digital assets, providing a crucial – and comprehensive – layer that supports anti-counterfeiting strategies to ensure product integrity and preserve brand reputation.

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Physical & Digital Brand Protection for Multiple Applications

With digital watermarks, Digimarc delivers the only brand protection technology that can be applied to online images, individual items, and primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging to confirm credibility.


Product & Packaging Authentication

Apply Digimarc covert watermarks to products and packaging to allow brand inspectors and consumers to easily authenticate genuine items by using mobile devices.
(Static Digimarc Watermarks)

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Digital Images Authentication

Digimarc watermarks are easily added to digital images to quickly identify the authenticity and rightful ownership of digital assets used across online ecosystems.
(Variable Digimarc Watermarks)

Watermark Images

Combat Counterfeiting with Digital Watermarking

Protecting your brand requires a multi-layered approach. Discover how covert and overt digital watermarking frustrate counterfeiters.

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Industries Facing High Degree of Counterfeits Benefit from Digimarc Watermarks



Wine & Spirits

Customer Examples Leveraging Digimarc Technology


Global automotive OEM parts brands successfully use our digital watermarks to mitigate counterfeiting and provide an explicit means to identify authentic product. Our customers are experts in their industries and supply chain. Digimarc brand protection experts partnered closely with the customer to develop unique processes and solutions that have succeeded in empowering their fraud prevention teams to identify counterfeit products and gain insight into parallel or grey markets.

Consumer Products

Major global brands of highly taxed and regulated consumer products successfully use Digimarc digital product authentication solutions to mitigate counterfeiting. In partnering with our product security experts, these major global brands have implemented solutions that have succeeded in quickly protecting the authenticity of their highly-prized products.

Global Hardware Manufacturers

Global hardware manufacturers routinely experience new product image and documentation leaks in advance of their new releases. These leaks can result in costly competitive disadvantages, counterfeit products being manufactured prior to release, and overall brand and product degradation. Our customers apply Digimarc to pre-release and embargoed product image and documents assets to trace leaks back to the source.

Counterfeiting is a Global Crisis

$1.9 T Value of counterfeit and pirated goods will exceed $1.9 trillion globally by 2022, according to the International Chamber of Commerce
3.3% Counterfeit products represent 3.3% of global trade and 6.8% of EU imports, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development says
10x Seizures of infringing goods at U.S. borders have multiplied by 10 times since 2000, according to U.S. Department of Homeland Security data
5.4 M International Chamber of Commerce projects counterfeiting and piracy will put 5.4 million legitimate jobs at risk globally by 2022
$188 B Anti-counterfeit packaging market is projected to increase at a 12% CAGR to USD $188 billion globally by 2025, according to Research and Markets

Digimarc’s Longstanding Legacy in Security & Protection

Since 1997, Digimarc has been a leader in developing innovative technologies tailor-made to protect consumers, organizations, brands, and governments from fraudulent and counterfeited goods as well as digital assets. We have a deep history of working with governments to deter counterfeiting and detect tampering with value documents, including banknotes, driver licenses and other government issued documents.

Our spirit of innovation is unquenched as we remain dedicated to serving and protecting our customers.

See How Digital Watermarking Works

Protect your brand with covert digital watermarks that help protect products from counterfeiting, and empower suppliers, retailers, authorities or consumers to analyze packaging that may appear authentic with mobile devices and confirm the legitimacy of your products.

Hover/touch images to check for Digimarc watermarks that confirm authenticity.


With Digimarc Watermark


Without Digimarc Watermark


Digimarc Watermark

John Dwyer

“The dramatic growth in e-commerce has put stress on global supply chains. This increased pressure has created opportunities for counterfeiters to distribute fake goods more broadly. WestRock is developing a network of new technologies and partners enabling packaging solutions that will support brand authentication throughout the supply chain and reduce friction for the global movement of goods.” – John Dwyer, Vice President, Business Development & Enterprise SolutionsWestRock

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Digimarc Product Authentication & Anti-Counterfeiting

Decades of experience in anti-counterfeiting strategies is why Digimarc is trusted to protect your brand. Multiple applications using covert and overt enhancements allow maximum protection of brand assets. Apply Digimarc watermarks to keep your consumers and your brand reputation safe from a variety of threats.

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