Digimarc delivers sophisticated protection for physical products, packaging and digital images, providing a crucial – and comprehensive – layer that supports anti-counterfeiting strategies to ensure product integrity and preserve brand reputation.

Increase Protection
$1.9 T Value of counterfeit and pirated goods will exceed $1.9 trillion globally by 2022, according to the International Chamber of Commerce
3.3% Counterfeit products represent 3.3% of global trade and 6.8% of EU imports, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development says
10x Seizures of infringing goods at U.S. borders have multiplied by 10 times since 2000, according to U.S. Department of Homeland Security data
5.4 M International Chamber of Commerce projects counterfeiting and piracy will put 5.4 million legitimate jobs at risk globally by 2022
$188 B Anti-counterfeit packaging market is projected to increase at a 12% CAGR to USD $188 billion globally by 2025, according to Research and Markets

A Comprehensive Approach to Protection

Successful brand protection strategies are multi-layered, utilizing a variety of technologies to frustrate counterfeiters. Digimarc provides imperceptible digital identities for products, packaging or labels and images that can be used in conjunction with overt markers such as holographic stickers or tamper-proof tape. Only Digimarc is capable of providing comprehensive protection that defends products as well as the packaging and brand assets that promote them.

Protect Products

With direct part marking, serialized Digimarc codes may be etched on goods to ensure the authenticity of products across the supply chain.

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Defend Packaging

Applying covert Digimarc codes to paperboard and plastic helps identify non-authentic packaging and protects the trust that consumers place in your brand.

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Safeguard Images

Authentic product images are often used to sell illegitimate products, and Digimarc image protection helps reveal counterfeit goods and gray market diversion.

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Protection Without Prerequisites

Unlike other technologies, applying Digimarc to packaging does not require special inks during the printing process or any upgrades to existing printer hardware. Printers can print packaging without any modifications to their operations.

Save Time, Save Money

Adding visible authentication stickers to packaging is expensive and can add time to production. Using Digimarc on packaging and labels does not impact printer timetables or come with costly per-unit pricing.

Image Protection for Holistic Protection

By adding Digimarc to your digital assets — such as product images — you can more easily track their illegal use across the public internet, revealing where your authentic images are supporting illegitimate sales of counterfeit or diverted products.

Protect Brand Assets

Defend Against Litigation

A product marked with Digimarc can establish a benchmark of authenticity during legal proceedings and help protect your business – and consumers who trust your brand – from harmful or unsafe knockoff products.

Compatible with Your Supply Chain

Digimarc partners seamlessly with your existing vendors. We have relationships and a history of shared projects with many of the world’s leading premedia agencies and printers, and we can easily work with your preferred suppliers.

Serialized Identities

Digimarc's serialized identities can be both overt or covert. And when coupled with a brand protection platform, Digimarc can offer associate, inspector and consumer-based counterfeit detection options.

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All Defense, No Detraction

Due to the imperceptibility of Digimarc Barcode, brands can protect products without detracting from the premium appearance of the company’s packaging – or visually communicating that they are protected at all.

Security with Speed and Simplicity

By integrating Digimarc software into mobile apps for employees and partners, field representatives can quickly scan product packaging with an enabled mobile phone to determine whether it is real or counterfeit.

A Platform for Partners

The Digimarc Platform enables packaging design agencies, premedia businesses and commercial printers to support their brand clients with increased protection against imitation and theft by swiftly and economically applying covert Digimarc codes.

John Dwyer

“The dramatic growth in e-commerce has put stress on global supply chains. This increased pressure has created opportunities for counterfeiters to distribute fake goods more broadly. WestRock is developing a network of new technologies and partners enabling packaging solutions that will support brand authentication throughout the supply chain and reduce friction for the global movement of goods.” – John Dwyer, Vice President, Business Development & Enterprise SolutionsWestRock

Fighting Counterfeits: An Assault on Brand Identity

The attacks on your brand are more numerous and costly than ever. Now is the time to create a sophisticated defense strategy. From counterfeit products to diverted goods, discover how you can arm your organization with anti-counterfeiting and brand protection tools that work.

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Securing Assets at Almost Any Size

Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images remains effective even through file resizing and other image manipulations, providing superior survivability. See why the protection persists.





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