Digimarc Barcode, combined with comprehensive crawl services, provides intelligence that makes it easier for brand managers to ensure assets are used properly.


Simplified Asset Management

The complexities of content acquisition means even the most trusted partners may be noncompliant with your brand standards and current sales and marketing collateral. Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images provides unprecedented intelligence for better brand management.


A Powerful Product

Explore Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images and understand how imperceptible identifiers combined with comprehensive search provides vital intelligence.

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Features & Benefits

Persistent protection, superior surveillance and easy implementation make Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images an essential element in your brand protection strategy.

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Gaining Control Over Content Assets

Widen, a content technology company, integrated Digimarc technology into its image protection solutions, enabling customers to track assets, monitor and report on instances of infringement and protect themselves legally.

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The History of Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Companies are challenged by how to store, organize, identify and deploy files on a massive scale. Digimarc technology integrates seamlessly into DAM workflows, enabling customers to activate brand protection functionality at the optimal point in the workflow.

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